Happy New Year – January rankings

First of all a Happy New Year to everyone in our Racketlon community. 2023 was an exciting year for Racketlon and it seems that 2024 holds a lot of exciting things. A new month also means a new ranking, let’s take a look how the last two tournaments in December changed the rankings.

Anna-Klara Ahlmer retakes the no 1 position, a first top 10 appearance for Holly Ranson

Ahlmer and Jacobsen have been trading the no 1 position all throughout 2023 and it’s Anna-Klara who starts the year as world no 1, retaking the position from Stine Jacobsen. This is Alhmer’s fourth time appearing at the top of the rankings. It’s also a good start for the year for GB’s Holly Ranson, as she enters the top 10 for the first time in her career. Holly has been showing her progress the last year, and finished the season with a first IWT mixed and doubles title in La Santa, alongside a silver medal in the women’s elite. USA’s Stephanie Chung also sits at a career high of world no 6, as she overtakes Severinová. Meanwhile, Nathalie Vogel rises one spot to world no 8 as Dara Ladner drops down to no 9.

Club La Santa Open champion Pauline Cavé rises six spots to a career high of world no 17. Amke Fischer, who finished second at the IWT Bombay Gymkhana International Racketlon Open, also climbs six places to no 17.

Luke Griffiths reaches career high of world no 5

After winning the IWT Club La Santa Open and the Bombay Gymkhana International Racketlon open Luke Griffiths rises five spots to a career-high ranking of world no 5. Meanwhile Leon Griffiths stays at 1 in the new year, as the rest of the top 4 remains unchanged. Jaksland drops to world no 6, Hougaard remains at 7 and Vaclahovsky drops 2 spots to world no 8. Oliver Bühler finds himself back in the top 10, whilst Finn Luka Penttinen drops three spots to world no 11.

IWT Club La Santa runner-up Henrik Mustonen rises 10 spots to his highest ranking so far of world no 16, whilst semi-finalist Joerg Kanonenberg also makes some strides climbing to world no 33.

Shelley and Koubaa back in seniors top 5, Davidson back at his highest junior ranking of world no 3

Jo Shelley is back in the women’s senior top 5 as the top 4 remains unchanged. Christian Schaefer stays at 1 in the men’s senior rankings, whilst Koubaa rises three spots to no 4, as Manfred Grab drops one spot to no 5. There are no changes in the girls junior ranking top five, but Elma Vuorinen could potentially make her first top 5 appearance this season as she rises three spots to no 6. Matthew Davidson is back at his highest junior ranking of world no 3, as he overtakes Florian Harca. Lucas Steyer goes up one place as he retakes the no 5 spot from Matěj Volf.

From next month we will also have a look at the FIR Race standings, which will decide who we will see in December at the 2024 FIR Race World Tour finals! Read more about the FIR Race here.

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