Player Representatives Anna-Klara Ahlmer and Myriam Enmer

Why is it important to have player representatives and who are our player representatives? Player representatives serve as advocates to the players competing on the IWT Racketlon circuit, to help players and voice concerns if there are any issues coming up. We have two excellent player representatives who are currently competing on the circuit. Our current world no 2 Anna-Klara Ahlmer and the 2022 women’s Racketlon World Champion Myriam Enmer. Both players have a lot of passion for the sport and want to make sure the players are represented fairly.

When asked about what it means to be a player representative on the FIR player council Anna-Klara mentioned that she finds it very important for the development of the sport that we are listening to the players. “They are the core to build from to make our sport better and to attract new players. By being Player Representative I get a chance to talk to players about their experience and what to improve. I find this communication very valuable and I hope that we can use it to become even better”.

Also speaking to Myriam, she said that she likes helping people and wants to share the knowledge she has as a regular player on the tour to the council. “I want to help Racketlon be more known to the world and make it a better player experience by improving things in tournaments. Players can come to me with questions and concerns, and I tell the council the issues raised by the players and share the information we have in the council to the players”.

If you have any questions or want more information don’t hesitate to contact either Anna-Klara or Myriam

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