Senior and Junior Teams: Thrilling Gummi-Arm Drama Unfolds as Champions are Crowned

The last team matches of the 2023 FIR Racketlon World Champions are on show today in exciting battles. Last night the Netherlands +40 team managed to take a thrilling gummi-arm playoff to take the championships title, and France +45 was dominant in the group to secure the gold medal as the others still had to play a gummi-arm playoff to see who would win silver and bronze.

A first World Championship gummi-arm playoff goes to the Netherlands in the +40

The Netherlands took an impressive win in the gummi-arm challenge, in a tense and exciting gummi-arm playoff. Before getting there, Germany had defeated the Netherlands +54, whilst Great Britain defeated Germany +1 with a gummi-arm. Then the Netherlands beat Great Britain with another gummi-arm, setting up the gummi-arm playoff. The Netherlands got off to a flying start, taking two points in table tennis and one point in badminton. They then managed to take two points in squash and the championship point in tennis, crowning themselves world champions on home soil.

Seniors +40

More gummi-arm drama as France wins the +45 world title but the silver and bronze medalists had yet to be decided

The France +45 team was a force to be reckoned with as they won all their group matches. They won a very tight match against Great Britain +45, taking it +7. It all came down to a gummi-arm playoff as Great Britain beat Sweden, Sweden beat Germany and Germany had beaten Great Britain. The gummi-arm playoff was spectacular once again, with many people getting involved and cheering their teammates on. Great Britain got off to a great start, taking the first two points, but Sweden slowly fought back. It was 4 points to each as Germany didn’t manage to get their foot in the door, and with a point against GB in tennis and a serve that was out Sweden managed to win the gummi-arm and the silver medal. GB finished third.

Seniors +45

Germany defeats Switzerland in a close +55 final

Germany and Switzerland faced each other in the final of the +55 team event, in an exciting matchup. It was close all the way but Germany managed to take the win +13 in the tennis. Meaning they have successfully defended their title. Hungary +55 defeated Great Britain +55 to clinch the bronze medal.

Seniors +55

Great Britain takes the two gold medals in the juniors

It was an all-British final in the u21 category as Great Britain 1 faced Great Britain 2 in the final. It was a close battle all the way, with Great Britain 2 staying strong till the end, taking the title +3 and successfully keeping the u21 title in British hands. Austria beat Germany in the bronze playoff in another close matchup with +6. Great Britain u16 was just too strong for Austria u16 today, as they won in a very close and hard-fought battle. Austria took an early lead but wasn’t able to keep it up, as Great Britain took the title +6. This is the seventh u16 world championship title for Great Britain. Great Britain u16 2 defeated France u16 1 +15 to take the bronze medal.

Teams U21 | Teams U16

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