Peter Landberg

“The real Mr. Racketlon” – that is how Lennart Eklundh describes Peter Landberg, and the Swede born in Stockholm in 1959 is our next entrant to the Hall of Fame. Peter Landberg organised the first Racketlon tournament in 1989 before the name Racketlon was even founded. 32 players competed to see who the strongest racket player was. One year later, in 1990, he organised the first Swedish National Racketlon tournament which was a fantastic success. It was at that stage he registered the name Racketlon with a patent and the rest is history!
Peter wasn´t only good at the organising side, he was also successful as a player! With the background of being a former elite Squash player, along with being a solid amateur player in the other three sports, he became Swedish National Champion in 1991 and 1995 when he managed to turn a deficit in Badminton into a win against Pär Carleke. When asked about his biggest defeat, Peter said he doesn´t remember losses!
The Swede thinks Racketlon is having fun multiplied by four. He believes Racketlon is a fascinating sport and difficult technically as it´s a huge challenge to bring together all four racket sports with quite different techniques. Unfortunately, Peter hasn´t followed all top players on the tour, but for him there are only two players that are able to handle this challenge – Jesper Ratzer and himself!
Peter says Racketlon is definitely here to stay and has become an established sport. He dreams for Racketlon to become an Olympic sport in the future, but for this to happen he thinks the Gummiarm rule will need to be replaced by something even better.