Pär Carleke

Another Swed in the Hall of fame is Pär Carleke. Pär is born in 1958. His best sport is Squash and his strength on the court is a “not-give-away-unnecessary-points-defensive-style”.
Winning the World Champs team gold medal for Sweden and three World Champs titles and some other wins on the World Tour in a row without losing one match as a veteran are his greatest achievements. His biggest victory was when he won the Swedish Nationals in 1998 with beating the dominant player by that time, Peter Bittas. The year after h tried to defend his title but after a three month flu and losing 10kg he lost in the first round.
Pärs first tournament were the Swedish Championships in 1991. Over 200 participants played in the same category and the different sports were played at different places all over Stockholm. Pär won five matches and lost in the quarters after having to fly to Stockholm three times! After that he organised his own tournament in Karlskrona, Racketvirtuosen, for 15 years from 1991-2005. The last four years it was won by Magnus Eliasson.

The fascinating thing about Racketlon is that you can always find something to improve quite significantly compared to when you are specialised in one sport. When you get tired of one sport you can switch to another.
In his opinion Racketlon will continue to grow. Everyone who has played either of the four sports is a  potential Racketlon player.