Magnus Eliasson

The Swede, born in 1968, is a legend on the Racketlon courts. He enjoyed great success over nine years being a high quality player in all four sports, with increasing quality as the sports go on. The sheer number of titles won during this nine year spell is without doubt his biggest Racketlon achievement. When talking with him, he can still recall the ecstasy of his biggest victory: defeating  Mikko Kärkkäinen at the 2004 World Championships semi final in Vienna following a run of six successive defeats to his rival and in just their previous battle at the 2004 Finnish Open, Magnus was left devestated fearing he´d never beat Mikko again. So after the match in Vienna 2004 Magnus felt like he was the best player in the world and killed his brain ghost that he had playing against Mikko.

Magnus made his Racketlon debut in 1994 at a fun tournament he played with friends in Gothenburg. Following his retirement from prefessioneal ice hockey, Magnus took up the sport on a more regular basis six years later.

He had said the most fascinating thing about Racketlon for him is the wide array of skills you must have in order to succeed. It suites both his personality and overall athletic skills.

In his eyes the future of Racketlon is very bright and while it is still in its infancy, he hopes that one day it can be as big as Tennis is today.