Lilian Druve

Born in 1963 in Frülunda, Sweden, Lilian is the only women in the Hall of fame. Her best sport is Badminton, followed by Tennis, Squash and Tabletennis. The list of achievements is long and contains more than 20 World Tour titles, several World Champs titles in singles and with the Swedish national team and 30,5 month of leading the womens world ranking. Her biggest victory was her third World Champs title in Singles in Vienna 2005. The answer “I don´t remember” on the question on her biggest defeat is evidence of her mental strength.
When Lilian saw a TV recording from the Swedish Nationals in 1998 she thought this one was for her. As she played Badminton half professional for many years and tried the three others sports for fun she won her first Swedish National title out of seven straight wins in 1999.
A good thing is when you are able to improve your sport. When Lilian had played Badminton for many years she had her peak seasons and didn´t improve much. But in the other sports she could improve immensely from the start and for many years to come, so the training was fun all the time.
Lilian ranks the future of Racketlon as a bright one – everyone just loves the sport the minute they get familiar with it, whether it is as an active player or as a spectator. With the high standard of the Elite players no one can dispoute these athletes are top notch and with the Racketlon rules where every played point counts the match is exciting from the first point played.