February rankings are out!

The February rankings are out now with some notable changes. We can also expect some big changes next month with two tournaments taking place in Finland and Hong Kong China.

A career high for Luke Griffiths, Simon Vaclahovsky and Mandrin Mouchet

In the February rankings, Leon Griffiths maintains his position at number 1, his brother Luke Griffiths has reached a career-high ranking of world number 3. Luke’s dominant performance has allowed him to surpass both Nicolas Lenggenhager and Koen Hageraats.

Another standout player in the February rankings is Simon Vaclahovsky, who has also achieved a career-high ranking. Simon now holds the world number 6 position going up two spots. It is also a good month for Mandrin Mouchet as he enters the top 10 for the first time.

Sion Wiggin also reaches a career-high of world no 12, whilst Anthony Duthuillé reaches his highest ranking of world no 14.

Men’s rankings

Ahlmer stays at 1, Enmer back at no 2

There have been some notable changes in the women’s rankings. While Anna-Klara Ahlmer continues to hold the top position, Myriam Enmer has overtaken Stine Jacobsen to reclaim her highest ranking as world no. 2.

In addition, there have been some upward movements in the rankings as Vogel, Ladner, and Ranson all go up by one spot, meanwhile Adeline Kilchenmann returns to her career high of world no. 10.

Other players with a career high are Pauline Cavé who now sits at no 15 and Joyce Chan at no 18.

Women’s rankings

New players in the senior ranking, a first ever top 5 appearance in the girls juniors for Vuorinen

Anthony Duthuillé is the new men’s senior no 1 after entering the senior rankings this month. Christian Schaefer will drop to no 2, Duncan Stahl to no 3, whilst Christian Börner is back in the top 5. Adeline Kilchenmann enters the women’s senior rankings as the new number 3, overtaking fellow Swiss player Nicole Eisler and Germany’s Silke Altmann.

There are no changes for the boys junior rankings, whilst Elma Vuorinen enters the girls top 5 for the first time.

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