Ranson/Davidson claim the mixed doubles on day 1

It was a busy and very windy day one of the IWT Club La Santa Open. It started with mixed doubles and finished with men’s and women’s doubles, both who will play their finals on Monday.

Ranson/Davidson claim first senior IWT mixed doubles title together.

Ranson/Davidson were the first winners of the day, in a surprise final, after beating Clayton/Griffiths to claim the gold medal. Ranson/Davidson played together in the U21 at the world doubles this year, just falling short against Griffiths/Ogram. They got the better of Russel/Mustonen +13 (21-5 21-9 2-21 13-9) in their first match, and beat no 2 seeds Cavé/Lenggenhager +12 (8-21 21-15 21-19 21-4).

Meanwhile, Clayton/Griffiths defeated Shelley/Langworthy +19 (19-21 21-2 21-19 3-3) in their first match, before beating top seeds Kaptein/Mamié +8 (2-21 21-10 21-13 21-13) in a close match, bouncing back after losing table tennis 21-2. This is Clayton’s first Racketlon tournament and we can definitely say she’s not off to a bad start. Griffiths is currently winning almost every tournament he plays in, and showed yet again why he’s been dominating the game lately.

The final was a close one, which saw Ranson/Davidson take table tennis 21-12, before Clayton/Griffiths bounced back in badminton, taking it 21-12 and levelling the score going into squash. Ranson/Davidson won squash 21-15, going into tennis with a +5 lead, which they took 16-11 to win their first IWT senior title together. A great way to finish the year.

Cavé/Lenggenhager beat Kaptein/Mamié +17 (15-21 21-11 21-10 7-5) in the bronze playoff.

Mixed Doubles

Men’s and women’s doubles to conclude on Monday

The men’s and women’s doubles final will be held Monday morning, as the finalists were decided today. It was the ultimate brothers battle which saw Griffiths/Griffiths take on Mamié/Mamié. The Mamié brothers got the better of Duthuillé/Steyer in their first round, taking it +20 (21-7 15-21 22-20 12-2). In the first semi-final, Mamié/Mamié got off to a good start, taking table tennis 21-10. The Griffiths brothers bounced back taking badminton 21-3 and squash 21-9. They won tennis 3-17 to make another final this year. The overall score was +5 (10-21 21-3 21-9 3-17).

On the other side of the draw, Barnes/Kanonenberg took a close quarter-final match against Davidson/Wilson, beating them by just nine points +9 (21-11 21-18 11-21 19-13). Their semi-final opponents were the no 2 seeds, Lenggenhager/Mustonen. Lengenhager/Mustonen prove to be a good pairing, winning the SWT Austria Open Graz in September. They got off to a good start, winning table tennis 21-13, before taking badminton and squash 21-13 21-10 21-10). The overall score was +30 (21-13 21-10 21-10).

The final will be on Monday at 8:30AM (CET).

The women’s elite doubles final will also between the two top seeds, as both won their semi-finals today. The quarter finals were incredibly close, with Pye/Thaker beating Karg/Schmitz by just 1 point, taking the match (11-21 15-21 21-16 21-9). The second quarter final was between Becker/Phanouvong and Russel/Veldkamp. Russel/Veldkamp managed to take it +10 (8-21 21-23 21-2 21-15).

Top seeds Kaptein/Ranson stormed through table tennis in their semi-final against Pye/Thaker, taking it 21-4, before they managed to win a very close badminton game 23-21. They then went on to win squash 21-6 and take the match +34 (21-4 23021 21-6). Cavé/Mai also got off to a good start in their semi-final against Russel/Veldkamp, taking table tennis and badminton 21-9 21-9. Russel/Veldkamp then took squash 21-2, which meant Cavé/Mai needed 17 points in tennis. They won tennis 21-11 and the match +15 (21-9 21-9 2-21 21-11). The women’s final will be on Monday at 9:15 AM (CET).

Men’s Doubles | Women’s doubles

Spieß/Kanonenberg take the mixed B

Spieß/Kanonenberg took the mixed B title. In the semi-finals, they managed to beat second seeds Pye/Marcus +24 (21-11 21-11 21-17). Meanwhile top seeds Dübendorfer/Scherrer got the better of fourth seeds Thaker/Barker, taking it +13 (21-17 15-21 21-13 16-9). It were Spieß/Kanonenberg who were the stronger pair in the final, beating Dübendorfer/Scherrer +23 (21-13 21-9 21-18). Thaker/Barker beat Pye/Marcus in an incredibly close match to win the bronze medal, they took it +6 (22-20 21-16 21-18 12-16).

Mixed B

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