Bombay Gymkhana International doubles champions crowned on day 1

Jacobsen/Ahlmer win another title together and there was an upset in the mixed doubles draw as Leon Griffiths and Amke Fischer claim the mixed elite doubles title.

Another exciting day of Racketlon, this time at the Bombay Gymkhana club in Mumbai, India. The women’s elite only had two pairs participating, but that didn’t make it less of a spectacle. After an incredibly close table tennis game, 23-21, Ahlmer/Jacobsen started gain more ground in badminton against Chung/Fischer. They took it 21-11, Chung/Fischer managed to stay close in squash but not close enough, as Ahlmer/Jacobsen only needed four more points to claim the title. They did so, taking tennis 4-3 which resulted in a +18 (23-21 21-11 21-16 4-3) victory and another title for Ahlmer/Jacobsen together.

The mixed elite draw saw an upset early on, with Amke Fischer/ Leon Griffiths (bronze medalist at the 2021 world doubles championships) took out second seeds Hougaard/Jacobsen in the semi-finals. It was a very close table tennis game, going to Hougaard/Jacobsen 20-22 but after that Fischer/Griffiths took the lead. They won badminton 21-15, a very close squash game 21-18, and sealed their win by taking tennis 15-12. The overall score was +10 (20-22 21-15 21-18 15-12).

Meanwhile Luke Griffiths/ Anna-Klara Ahlmer got through their semi-final a bit more comfortably against Lenggenhager/Chung. Lenggenhager/Chung managed to win table tennis 23-21, but after that Griffiths/Ahlmer won badminton 21-11 and squash 21-6, winning the match +27 (23-21 21-11 21-6) before tennis.

This meant the brothers would face each other on opposite sides of the net once again, another close table tennis game to start the match 21-19 for Leon Griffiths and Amke Fischer, and they did not let go after that. They managed to take badminton 21-16 and squash 21-15 before sealing their title with 9-10 in tennis. The overall score was +12 (21-19 21-16 21-15 9-10). Jacobsen/Hougaard defeated Lenggenhager/Chung in an incredibly close battle for the bronze medal taking it +3 (21-18 21-14 19-21 14-19).

The men’s final will take place on Saturday at 7:45 PM which will be between Leon and Luke Griffiths who defeated Akshinthala/Nandal +35 (21-12 21-7 21-9) and Hageraats/Lenggenhager who beat Koubaa/Stahl +22 (21-8 21-10 19-21).

Mixed Elite | Women elite | Men elite

Open doubles titles for Prasad/Sheth, Fernandes/Divecha, Koubaa/Singh, Kleiber/King

Prasad/Sheth were victorious in the men’s B doubles, beating Bhandare/Mansukhani +21 (21-17 21-7 12-21 13-1) in the final. Patel/Motasha won the bronze medal beating Akberali/Haji +25 (21-11 21-9 21-18). Fernandes/Divecha beat Jethwani/Chakrabarty to claim the women’s B title, taking it +4 (21-12 10-21 13-21 21-7). Koubaa/Singh were victorious in the senior +40 doubles, beating Kejriwal/Parikh +39 (21-10 21-9 21-5). Siddiqui/Bhati won the bronze medal taking it +25 (21-10 21-17 21-11) against Ghagre/Bansal. Kleiber/King won both their group matches taking the senior +55 title. They defeated silver medalists Chandrashekhar/Ray and bronze medalists Madhwal/Malao.

men’s B | Women’s B | Senior +40 | Senior +55

The men’s and women’s singles matches will start tomorrow from 12:00 PM (GMT +5:30).

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