New winners guaranteed at this year’s Austrian Open – Super World Series Finals

There will be a guaranteed new name on the Austrian Open trophy this year for both men and women as none of the current players in the draw have won the tournament before. In an exciting new format that has been seen before for example in tennis and squash, the men’s draw is split into two groups, where the winners will play each other for the title, and everyone will play one final match depending on where they finished in the group. The women will play a box league where the two top players will play a final to determine who takes the SWT Austrian Open title.

Ternon set to make another final, last singles match for RFA president Weigl

It could be a repeat of the Norwegian Open final, as Ternon and Lenggenhager are the top seeds for this tournament as well. The men’s draw is split into two groups. Lenggenhager is the no 1 seed and faces tough opponents in Simon Vaclahovsky, Anthony Duthuille, as well as wildcard players Henrik Mustonen and Marcel Weigl. Weigl stepped in last minute to represent Austria in the men’s elite, as unfortunately both Harca and Schöpf could not make it. About playing his last singles match Weigl said: “It will definitely be my last elite singles tournament. A worthy ending with a new format that I will enjoy,” said the former world number two. The 49-year-old is the only player on the FIR World Tour to have played a tournament in elite competition between 2002 and 2023, i.e. 22 years in a row. “A final match win at the end would be nice.” After the group games, the group winners meet in the final, the runners-up play for third place and everyone else plays placement games.” (

Tournament favourite Ternon faces Hougaard, Böhm, Mouchet, and Koubaa in Group B. The men’s singles matches will start on Saturday at 9am

Men’s Group A | Group B

World no 1 Ahlmer favourite for the Super World Series Finals

Ahlmer is seeded to win the event and will be hungry for the title after missing out in Norway. She will play her first group match against second seed Allègre which will be a great match to watch. Allègre will have played earlier that day against Switzerland’s Dara Ladner, whilst World Championship semi-finalist Irina Olsacher plays fellow Austrian Ettenauer. This is Olsacher’s second tournament of the season, and she could be a dangerous opponent playing on home soil. Allègre will also be hunting for her first title, the French player reached her first final at the German Open this year and will be looking for gold. The women’s matches start on Saturday at 10:20 am

All matches on court 1 will be livestreamed on

Next to the livestream, court 1 and 2 will have livescoring available on

The tournament will start on Friday with the doubles, with the men and women’s doubles in the morning and the mixed doubles later that day. Ahlmer/Allègre are the clear favourites for the women’s double, facing first time players Hnatiuk and Rekotova from Ukraine in their first match. The other match will be between Amiri/Ibrahimi from Afghanistan against Ettenauer/Hauser from Austria. The top seeds for the men are German duo Vaclahovsky/Böhm, they play Austrian pair Pichler/Prager in the first match. Second seeds Lenggenhager/Mustonen play Hougaard/Koubaa in their first match, which could be a very entertaining one. Both matches will be on the live stream on Friday. After a silver medal together in Norway top seeds Ahlmer/Lenggenhager will be hungry for gold. They play Ettenauer/Pichler in their first match. Ladner/Böhm face second seeds Allègre/Mustonen who will play their first doubles tournament together. The mixed matches will start at 5:40 pm and will be on the live stream.

Women’s Doubles | Men’s Doubles | Mixed Doubles

All live streamed matches will have commentating

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