Cha Norwegian Open – Doubles on day 1

First day at the Norwegian Open was a smashing success as the doubles events took center stage. The first Norwegian Open winners were crowned, and the day was finished with a nice barbeque.

Women’s doubles goes to top seeds Enmer/Ahlmer

Enmer/Ahlmer were undefeated in the women’s doubles today, as they won both their matches before tennis, claiming the Norwegian Open title. They played their first match against Mai/Messina and took it +50 (21-3 21-6 21-4). They faced second seeds Kaptein/Ranson in the final, who defeated Finnish duo Anttila/Mäkelä +45 (21-7 21-2 21-9). Ahlmer/Enmer were too strong in the final, as they took the match +27 (21-13 21-11 21-12) winning their first title together this season. Anttila/Mäkelä finished third.

Women’s doubles results

Jacobsen/Thyregod secure victory in a nail-biting final

Second seeds Jacobsen/Thyregod came out on top in a nail-biting final against top seeds Ahlmer/Lenggenhager, winning the match by just one point. Jacobsen/Thyregod battled past French duo Enmer/Duthuillé taking the match +15 (15-21 21-5 19-21 14-7) to book their place in the final. Ahlmer/Lenggenhager beat Kaptein/Lorkiewicz in their semi-finals with a score of +19 (18-21 21-15 21-5 3-3). It were Jacobsen/Thyregod who managed to take the match today, as they took it +1 (11-21 21-9 17-21 21-18). Enmer/Duthuillé won the bronze medal playoff against Kaptein/Lorkiewicz, taking it +10 (9-21 21-12 21-17 21-12).

Mixed doubles results

Ternon/Vaclahovsky take the Norwegian Open men’s elite title

Ternon/Vaclahovsky came out on top today in a battle against Duthuillé/Lenggenhager. They beat Danes Jacobsen/Thyregod +22 (21-13 20-22 21-5) in the semi-finals, whilst Duthuillé/Lenggenhager got the better of Lorkiewicz/Lorkiewicz by +22 as well, taking it (21-23 21-6 21-13 1-0). Ternon/Vaclahovsky were the stronger pair in the final, especially in badminton and squash, taking the title with a score of +20 (12-21 21-10 21-6 5-2). Jacobsen/Thyregod won the battle for bronze, winning +23 (21-14 21-2 18-21).

Mixed doubles results

Men’s B and Mixed B titles for Bäckström/Edby and King/Mäkelä

Swedish duo Bäckström/Edby took the Men’s B doubles after defeating top seeds Carlier/King +16 (21-19 21-12 18-21 14-6) in the semi-finals and second seeds Andersen/Durston +22 (21-10 21-16 21-15) in the final. Carlier/King won the bronze medal beating Sarfaz/Villand +17 (21-17 21-8 21-19 3-5). King/Mäkelä were victorious in the mixed B as they won both their group matches convincingly before tennis. They beat silver medalists Mai/Sarfraz +31 (21-6 20-22 21-3) and bronze medalists Messina/Durston +22 (21-3 21-11 15-21).

Men’s doubles | Mixed doubles

A successful first day at the Norwegian Open. We can look forward to the singles events starting from 9:00AM (CEST). The men’s elite matches will start at 9:20AM with the round of 16, whilst the first group matches for the women’s elite will start at 10:45.

Sanne Veldkamp/ FIR Media Officer

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