Day 2 as it happens, the first 2023 team world champions

Six new teams can call themselves world champions as they have been crowned today across the junior and senior categories. The captivating competitions saw athletes from various nations, each showcasing their skills.

Austria and France take the U13 and U11 titles

France U11 1 defeated Germany U11 to become the first U11 World Champions in Racketlon history. France U11 1 with Augereau and Barrier stayed undefeated throughout the championships, but they had a tough time against Germany U11. They won with an overall score of +6. France U11 2 finished second as they beat GB U11 by +19. Germany U11 had beaten GB the day before and won the bronze medal. The brothers Sam continued their success in the doubles as they were undefeated in their group matches, winning the U13 Team title for Austria. They won all their matches before tennis and were dominant throughout. France U13 finished second after beating Germany U13 and Austria U13 1. Germany U13 took home the bronze medal.

Juniors U11 | Juniors U13

Czech U18 stay undefeated to win the U18 world championship title

Czech Republic had a great tournament as they stayed undefeated. Their closely contested match against Austria 1 ended in a well-deserved +7 victory and they sealed their victory today by beating Austria 2 by +31. Austria 1’s commendable performance earned them the second spot on the podium, while India’s impressive efforts earned them the prestigious bronze medal.

Juniors U18

Denmark +65 win a fourth consecutive title

Denmark +65 stays undefeated in the seniors +65 category, taking their fourth title since the introduction of the event in 2018. They won all their group matches, and defeated Finland +65 in their last match to clinch the world title. They beat them +65. Finland +65 finished second and Czech +65 finished third, as they beat GB +65 in a very close encounter, taking it +4.

Seniors +65

Furthermore, the seniors +40 and +45 teams will participate in a gummi-arm playoff as The Netherlands, Germany and GB +40 have all beaten each other. France +45 is undefeated but the gummi-arm playoff will be between GB +45, Sweden +45 and Germany +45 to determine who will get silver and bronze. This will happen tonight at 18:00.

Sanne Veldkamp / FIR Media Officer

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