2023 FIR Racketlon World Championships – Who will win?

After winning the titles last year, Luke Griffiths and Myriam Enmer can call themselves World Champions. Can they repeat their success from last year? Let’s have a look at the draw and what has happened in the season so far…

A Sneak Peek into the World Championships Draw: Possible Griffiths showdown in the final

As the highly-anticipated World Championships draw near, the Racketlon world is buzzing with excitement and curiosity about the potential matchups. The draw has unveiled intriguing seedings, with the talented Griffiths brothers claiming the top two spots. Luke and Leon Griffiths are all set, both winning titles this season, and promising an exhilarating contest for the ultimate crown. Home favourite and sixth seed Hageraats is on Luke Griffiths’ side of the bracket. It could be a repeat of last year’s final between the two in the semi-finals. The stakes are high, and they have to get past dangerous opponents first.

In the top half of the draw, Lenggenhager, the fourth seed, is also a strong contender. Lindberg and Harca are other players to watch closely, as they meet in the first round. Luke Griffiths’ journey begins with a formidable challenge in the form of former multiple-world champion, Magnus Eliasson. Eliasson received the wildcard and his vast experience and skills make him a dangerous opponent.

On the other side of the draw, there is a possible a potential rematch of the epic London Open Jaksland versus Mustonen clash in the quarter-finals. World no. 1 Leon Griffiths prepares to take on his fellow countryman, James Langworthy in the first round to potentially set up a quarter-final against world no 12 Hougaard. The tournament draw also features some other exciting matchups, with Schöpf and Bühler facing off against German players Oettl and Vaclahovsky, respectively. Meanwhile, wildcard NG faces a challenging task as he takes on the tall Dane, Thyregod.

Men’s draw

Excitement Builds in the Women’s Draw: World Championships Anticipations

The stage is set, and the anticipation is soaring as the Women’s Draw at the World Championships promises high-quality Racketlon showdowns. Reigning champion, Enmer, comes in as the no. 1 seed, aiming to defend her title and create history to be the first French Woman with a repeat triumph. However, the path to victory won’t be easy for her, as some strong opponents await.

As the second seed, Ahlmer holds high hopes for the championship, but she faces a potential challenge in the quarter-finals against multiple champion Vogel. Enmer’s journey to retain the crown is not easy, including a face-off against world no. 11, Stephanie Chung, in the first round. Should she overcome this challenge, a tricky draw awaits, potentially pitting her against Fischer in the semi-finals, provided she can defeat French Open runner-up Jaussein. On the top half of the draw, Kaptein takes on doubles partner Kilchenmann, and Olsacher faces off against Girls no. 3, Lau.

The bottom half of the draw features fourth seed Allègre, who has UK’s Parslow in the first round. The wildcard entries, Steiner and Schickerling, have tough challenges ahead, taking on Altmann and Vogel, respectively. Vogel, in particular, comes into the tournament with a clean sweep of victories at both the Nordic and Swiss Opens, making her a force to be reckoned with. Ahlmer’s journey in the Women’s Draw commences with an intriguing matchup against girl’s no. 1 and world no 9, Ogram.

Women’s draw

The World Championships promise a thrilling showcase of top-tier Racketlon action. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest updates and highlights from this prestigious tournament

Sanne Veldkamp/FIR Media Officer

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