June rankings – career highs for French duo Allègre and Ternon

After winning his first IWT title last weekend, it’s a career high of world no 4 for Sylvain Ternon, as he overtakes Koen Hageraats. It’s also a first top 10 appearance for Flore Allègre after making the final in Germany and the semi-finals in Switzerland.

A career high for Ternon, Oliver Bühler is back in the top 10 after making the final in Switzerland

A good way to start the month after getting some excellent results last weekend for both Ternon and Bühler , with Ternon rising to a career high of world no 4, and Bühler  getting back into the top 10. Ternon has had a steady rise on the rankings the last two years, being briefly inside the top 10 in early January 2021, and hovering just outside the top 10 until March this year. Since then he’s made four finals, got to the world’s top five, and won one IWT title. With Bühler rising 3 spots to world no 8, Griffiths and Lindberg both drop one spot, as Duncan Stahl drops out of the top 10 for the first time since February last year. Kresten Hougaard moved two spots to world no 12, and after winning the German Open Radermacher moves up to world no 14. Two other big risers are Narayanaswamy who jumps seven places to world no 19, and Sion Wiggin who jumps nine spots to world no 29 in what is a career-high for both players.

Men’s ranking

Vogel is back in the top 10, and a top 10 debut for Allègre

Nathalie Vogel is back in the top 10 for the first time since 2015. Never not in contention for podium places, but after winning back-to-back tournaments we see her back on the ranking with the world’s best. After making the final in Germany and the semi-finals in Switzerland, Flore Allègre is making her top 10 debut at her highest ranking of world no 7. She has really gone up a level this year, making three semi-final appearances and making the final in Germany. Another player who’s had good results lately is America’s Stephanie Chung. Chung is now at a career-high of world no 11, just sitting outside the top 10. She’s also made two semi-finals and has had two top 8 finishes so far this season. Other big risers are Amandine Souin who jumps five spots to world no 24, and Carola Von Heimburg who jumps ten spots to world no 25.

Women’s ranking

Doubles – top spots remain the same as a lot of changes occur.

We can see a lot of changes in all three elite doubles categories this month. The top four for the men’s doubles stays the same, as Kresten Hougaard moves up to no 5 as he overtakes Luke Griffiths. Lindberg and Duthuille both rise to world no 7 and 8, and Radermacher jumps four spots to world no 9. Stahl drops three spots as he rounds up the top 10. The top four for the women’s doubles also remains unchanged, as Chung rises three spots to world no 5. Eisler drops one spot to no 6, Allègre and Kilchenmann both jump to no 7 and 9. Olsacher and Severinová both drop a few places to world no 8 and no 10. Ahlmer stays at one in the mixed doubles as Jacobsen overtakes Enmer for the world no 2 spot. Cornelius Radermacher rises one spot to world no 6, as he overtakes Kaptein. Nathalie Vogel rounds up the top 10 going up four spots.

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Senior rankings – Sopko goes to world no 3, Von Heimburg rises to no 7

Martin Sopko rises seven spots to world no 3 in the men’s seniors ranking at a career-high. He won the German Open last month and finished third in the elite singles category. This means that Börner and Koubaa both drop one spot, Manfred Grab overtakes Graham King and Marcel Weigl and sees himself at no 7. Carola von Heimburg is in the top 10 again jumping four spots to no 7. After good results Katrin Maldre rises to no 4 whilst Dübendorfer, Shelley, Rutschmann and Altmann all drop one spot this month.

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Reissenauer goes to world no 5, Kotala at his highest ranking so far of world no 7

Clarissa Steiner is back at no 4 this month after briefly dropping to no 5. The top three remains unchanged with the three British girls Ogram, Ranson, and Lau, who are all competing at the World Championships in London and Rotterdam. Alina Reissenauer is at a career high of world number 5, after being a solid top 10 player in the last year. She won the German Open women’s B beating von Heimburg in the final. The top six of the boys juniors remains the same, Switzerland’s Kotala reached his highest ranking to date of world no 7, overtaking Leon Sam from Austria. Leon Steiner is also at his highest ranking, overtaking Ollie Barton to go to world no 9.

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Sanne Veldkamp/ FIR Media Officer

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