Travel to the 2023 Racketlon World Championships in London and Rotterdam by train

Both London and Rotterdam have excellent railway connections, making train travel an efficient and hassle-free option. Train stations in both cities are centrally located, ensuring easy access to popular attractions and accommodations. Traveling to both venues from St Pancras and Rotterdam Centraal is also very easy. Next to that traveling by train is often a time-saving choice, especially when considering airport security, check-in procedures, and travel to and from distant airports, and more environmental friendly.

You can easily take the Eurostar from Amsterdam, Brussels, or Paris to London. Depending on your starting point in Germany, you can take a train to Brussels, Belgium or Paris, France. Major cities in Germany like Berlin, Frankfurt, or Cologne have direct train connections to these destinations. Rotterdam is very accessible by train from London with the Eurostar, and with the Thalys from Paris or Belgium.

All in all, if the option is there to travel by train it is highly recommended! Train stations are usually closer to city centers, reducing travel time and allowing you to make the most of your time. Train tickets can also be more cost-effective compared to airfare, making it a budget-friendly option for travelers. Train travel is a more sustainable choice compared to air travel. Trains have lower carbon emissions, contributing to reducing your ecological footprint and supporting eco-friendly tourism. And of course, the nice views you get whilst traveling on the train, to optimally prepare for a full weekend of Racketlon.

The 2023 FIR Racketlon World Doubles Championships will start on the 20th of July at the Roehampton Club in London alongside the IWT London Open. The 2023 FIR Racketlon World Championship singles & teams will start on the 2nd of August at Victoria Tennis and Squash Club in Rotterdam. We hope to see you there! You can still enter the individual championship, entries close on the 12th of July. Enter here

Sanne Veldkamp/ FIR Media Officer

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