Jacobsen is the new world no 1, Penttinen jumps back in the top 10 | March Rankings

March FIR rankings

A lot has happened after last month’s Finnish Open! Both Finnish Open winners have done well, Jacobsen is the new no 1 for the women, whilst Penttinen jumps back in the top 10 after a strong performance.

Elite Singles – Jacobsen is the new world no 1, Penttinen jumps back into the top 10 at no 6

Stine Jacobsen is the new no 1 after taking the title in Finland, and she will be on top of the rankings for the first time. Alhmer dropped back to no 2, whilst Seehofer-Krenn went up one spot to no 4. The biggest riser is Nicole Eisler, who jumped eight places in the ranking to world no 8. Eisler is the only top 10 player who is participating in the French Open, so we might see her move up the rankings even more in the next month. Jaksland stays another month on top of the men’s rankings. Nicolas Lenggenhager went up to world no 3 overtaking Koen Hageraats, which is a career-high. Penttinen made a big jump coming back into the top 10 at world no 6 fresh after his Finnish Open win. World no 2 Leon Griffiths will be looking to close the gap for the no 1 position with a strong performance in this weekend’s French Open. 

Stine Jacobsen
credit: Rene Zwald

Elite Doubles – Lenggenhager to no 2, Ahlmer overtakes Jaksland as mixed no 1 

Ahlmer overtakes Jaksland as the new mixed no 1. Ahlmer/Thyregod made the final of the Finnish Open taking some good points. Finnish Open winner Jacobsen also moved two spots to no 4, and her doubles partner Radermacher is back at no 10. Thyregod and Moran, who both made the podium with their partners made a big jump both moving 33 places to no 42 and 44 respectively. 

Lenggenhager overtakes Leon Griffiths to become the new men’s doubles no 2 whilst Jaksland stays on top of the rankings for another month. Finnish Open runner-ups Pennanen and Penttinen both moved up five places to no 14 and no 16. Thyregod also rose up the rankings in the men’s doubles, claiming the title with Jaksland sees him move 58 places to no 59. 

The top three for the women’s doubles remain the same, Jacobsen moved up to no 4, whilst runners-up Eisler/Chung also made progress. Eisler moved one spot to no 8 and Chung rose 11 places to no 13. Anttila, who finished 3rd with Mäkelä rose 14 places to no 22.  

Nicolas Lenggenhager
credit: Rene Zwald

Seniors – King back in the top 10 

There is not a lot of movement in the senior rankings this month. King is back in the top 10 after finishing 2nd at the Finnish Open +60. The rest of the top 10 remains unchanged. Peter Barton, who won the +40 and finished 2nd in the B moved 9 places to no 31, and bronze medalist in the +40 Esroy Korer rose 12 spots to no 26. Jacobsen stays at no 1 in the seniors, making her a no 1 in two singles categories! The rest of the top 10 stays the same, with only Dübendorfer and Shelley changing places. 

Tommi Laine made a jump back into the top 8 for the men’s doubles, after a fourth place at the Finnish Open Elite Doubles. He rises 8 places to world no 8. Jacobsen overtakes Kaptein in the mixed doubles, earning her three no 1 positions this month! 

Graham King

Juniors – Steyer closing in on top 5, Viivi Paksu debuts in the top 10

Steyer rose two spots to world no 6 after winning the Finnish Open last month. He will be looking for a place in that top 5 as top seed in the French Open U21 this weekend. Finalist Barton also rose five places to world no 10. Florian Harca stays at no 1 for another month, same for Alexandra Ogram, whilst Viivi Paksu debuts in the top 10, at no 9 after a strong fourth place Finnish Open Elite Singles.

Lucas Steyer
credit: rubinfoto

Sanne Veldkamp / FIR Media Officer

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