Hageraats Up To Career-High No.3 | November Rankings

World Championship runner-up Koen Hageraats rises to No.3 in the Men’s Singles World Rankings after November’s update.

The Dutchman has risen above the now-retired Dan Busby and trails just Morten Jaksland and Leon Griffiths in the rankings.

With no tournament in October, the ranking changes were dictated by points coming off from the 2019 IWT Czech Open and Massachusetts Racket Masters Challenger.

Men’s Singles – Hageraats On The Rise

With Dan Busby’s IWT Czech Open points dropping off his total, Koen Hageraats rises to a career-high World No.3. Hageraats is one of seven movers inside the top 10 in a busy month. After finishing with a bronze medal in Prague, Luke Penttinen falls two spots to World No.7, with Kresten Hougaard and Nicolas Lenggenhager moving to No.5 and No.6 respectively.

Despite winning the IWT Czech Open, Morten Jaksland’s plethora of titles in 2019 means he remains over 800 points clear of Leon Griffiths at the top of the rankings. Cornelius Radermacher remains at No.8 while Duncan Stahl moves up one spot to No.9. Emanuel Schöpf falls to No.10 and is in danger of dropping out with Oliver Bühler, René Lindberg and Luke Griffiths hot on his tail.

Rav Rykowski could move back up the rankings after this weekend’s IWT Czech Open (Image: Rene Zwald)

Ahead of his comeback in Prague this weekend, Rav Rykowski is another faller in this month’s rankings. After finishing as runner-up three years ago, he drops seven spots to No.24. That sees his Polish compatriot Michał Kurek up to a career-high No.17.

Lower down the rankings, Patrick Moran falls 16 spots to No.87 while Filip Kos and Patrick Laplante move out of the Top 100.

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Women’s Singles – Seehofer-Krenn Returns to the Top for One Last Time

Despite announcing her retirement from Racketlon Singles earlier this year, Christine Seehofer-Krenn returns to the top of the Women’s Singles World Rankings one final time. With eight titles still on her record from 2019 and 2020, the Austrian superstar has enough points to return to the top one final time before her SWT King of Rackets points drops off at the end of November.

Her parting month at No.1 paves the way for a fascinating few months at the top of the Women’s Singles rankings, with Anna-Klara Ahlmer, Stine Jacobsen, Zuzana Severinová and Myriam Enmer all separated by less than 200 rankings points. That could see the World No.1 spot change times a number of times over the coming months. Firstly, Zuzana Severinová could return to the summit if she defends her IWT Czech Open title this weekend. That’s after she slid down from World No.1 to World No.4 in the updated rankings.

Christine Seehofer-Krenn returns to the top of the Women’s Singles World Rankings (Image: Czech Racketlon)

There were no other changes in the Top 10 of the Women’s Singles. After her Women’s B title points from the 2019 IWT Czech Open were removed, Matilda Parslow slides down four spots to No.17. That leaves Alexandra Ogram as the new British No.1 in the World Rankings. Hannah Boden drops out of the Top 20 altogether, down five spots to No.25.

There are also big drops for Katrin Maldre and Emmie Danielsson, who both leave the Top 50, while Virág Sákovics falls 15 places to No.48.

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Doubles Rankings – Ahlmer Rises to No.2 in Mixed Doubles Rankings

Anna-Klara Ahlmer is the clear World No.1 in the Women’s Doubles Rankings, and has now moved a step closer to becoming the Mixed Doubles World No.1 as well. She rises above Dan Busby to No.2 but is still over 1,000 points behind leader Morten Jaksland.

Myriam Enmer, Nicolas Lenggenhager, Stine Jacobsen, Kirsten Kaptein and René Lindberg all rise in the Mixed Doubles World Rankings while Emanuel Schöpf leaves the Top 10.

There is far less movement in the Women’s Doubles Rankings. The only major change sees Bettina Bugl fall out of the Top 10 to No.11, with Margaux Randjbar replacing her at No.9.

Morten Jaksland also remains at the top of the Men’s Doubles rankings, well clear of No.2 Leon Griffiths. Duncan Stahl and Kresten Hougaard both rise one place to No.4 and No.5 respectively. That’s after Dan Busby falls two spots to No.6.

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Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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