2023 Racketlon World Tour – First Announcement

We are excited to reveal our first look at the 2023 Racketlon World Tour.

A total of 10 tournaments are being revealed in our first announcement. This includes returns to Denmark and Thailand and the first-ever tournament in Norway.

The Racketlon World Championships were officially announced earlier this year. The World Doubles Championship will take place in London with the World Teams and Singles Championship being held in the Netherlands.

2023 Racketlon World Tour

The first event on the calendar in 2023 is the return of the Thailand Open Challenger from January 6-8. This popular tournament was last held in 2020, after being cancelled by covid for a number of years.

The Tour kicks off in Europe in February with the IWT Finnish Open. March sees the return of the IWT French Open and also the IWT Polish Open after a successful Challenger tournament was held in Warsaw last month.

April sees a unique event in Switzerland. For the first time in racketlon history, we will see a Women only tournament held in the IWT Lausanne Open.

International Racketlon will then return to Denmark for the first time in seven years with the IWT Nordic Racket Games at the spectacular Holbæk Club. The IWT German Open will be held in early June in its typical spot as the World Championships warm-up.

The World Doubles Championship will be held alongside the IWT London Open in late July. Two weeks later will be the flagship event, as the World Teams and Singles Championships are held at Victoria in Rotterdam.

More tournaments will of course be added in the second half of the season after the World Championships. These will come in a second announcement later this year.

“We’re excited to announce some brand new tournaments”

Speaking about the 2023 Racketlon World Tour, FIR President Duncan Stahl said “We’re very pleased to make our first announcement with details of the FIR World Tour 2023 up to the World Championships in August. The remaining tournaments after the World Championships next year will be part of a second announcement made later this year.

“Firstly  I’d like to pay tribute to all our tournament directors and national federations for working so closely with the FIR to produce our 2023 World Tour. Putting tournaments on is a huge undertaking after some very difficult, unpredictable years. It is fantastic that together we are still able to produce such an effective Tour for our playing community to enjoy.

“We’re excited to announce some brand new tournaments, in new cities and new venues as we continue to offer players opportunities to visit and experience new places on the world tour.

“As one part of many new efforts to attract more women players to Racketlon, we will be holding the first-ever women’s tour event in Lausanne. Being promoted by our current women’s world champion, Myriam Enmer, the IWT Lausanne Open aims to attract both all the world’s best women players whilst also having special initiatives and experiences all designed to attract many women players to their first-ever Racketlon tournament.

“The IWT Nordic Racket Games will see the first-ever international Racketlon tournament at the Holbæk Club in Denmark. It boasts some of the best quality Racketlon facilities in the world across all 4 sports. We’re excited to grow this tournament with Racketlon Denmark over the next few years into something very special.

“After very encouraging reports about the venue in Warsaw at this year’s Challenger, the Polish Open is upgraded to an IWT. It will now sit in a new slot in the first quarter of the calendar.  I hope this can become a regular, key tournament on the Tour to help Racketlon develop both in Poland but also across Eastern Europe.

World Championships in London and Rotterdam

“As previously announced the World Doubles are coming to the glorious Roehampton Club in London. All the World Championship titles will be decided on grass courts for the first time in Racketlon history. The showpiece tournament of the year, the Teams & Singles World Championships will be coming to the Victoria Club in Rotterdam. This is a venue ready-made to host the biggest, most important tournament of the year. It is a spacious, 6-court venue with excellent travel connections, two permanent, glass squash courts and a large outdoor centre court tennis. We hope to create a very special summer of Racketlon next year!

“News about tournaments in the second half of the year after the world championships – including brand new countries and experiences outside of Europe – will all come soon in our second world tour announcement.”

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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