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We are halfway through the Racketlon World Championships, with the Juniors and Seniors categories concluding with the Doubles on Monday.

After a rest day on Tuesday, the tournament continues on Wednesday with the Elite and Amateurs competitions.

We are delighted to announce that all draws – aside from the World Cup – have been published for the tournament. The schedule has now been fully published – aside from a few Doubles finals,s of which will be decided during the tournament as explained below.

Racketlon World Championships – Elite & Amateurs Draws and Schedule

The tournament begins with the Doubles categories on Wednesday, August 24. They will take place throughout the day, with the final of the Men’s D/E Doubles taking place on Wednesday night.

The finals of the elite Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and centreDoubles will be scheduled for highlighted center court spots between Thursday and Saturday.

The Women’s B Doubles and Men’s B/C Doubles will either be played on Wednesday, if no Mixed Doubles is affected, or on Thursday or Friday. The Mixed B Doubles are the final matches of the Wednesday, concluding at 22:00. Therefore, we will play the final for this category on either Thursday or Friday.

The Teams categories begin on Thursday and will conclude on Friday. All matches for the Nations Cup and Challenge Cup have been scheduled already. The World Cup matches have not yet been scheduled as the draw will not take place until the the night before at the Captain’s Meeting. However, there are spaces in the schedule at 09:30, 14:00 and 18:30 for the three rounds of matches to be played. The Final will be played as a showcase event on Friday evening. The full schedule for Teams matches is available here.

The Singles draws will begin after the conclusion of the Teams matches on Friday in the early afternoon. They will then continue throughout the remainder of Friday, throughout Saturday and conclude on Sunday. The schedule has been fully published and is available to see here.

Players Information

Please be reminded that on the first entry, all players must present a negative PCR Test (valid 48 hours) OR anti-gen test (valid 24 hours) or will be anti-gen tested for free onsite before Check-In by Doctor Immanuel Gartner.

This also counts for coaches, family members, and spectators. They can also test for free onsite. To avoid waiting times please come with a valid test if possible.

Please note that the FIR Racketlon World Championships are a green event. That means we are avoiding paper – all matches will be counted via – so bring your mobile phone to the tournament desk before your match. There are also some guidelines about food and drinks from Racket Sport Center Graz. As event experts, they are helping us to host the first green event in Racketlon history. Please read carefully.

Message from Racket Sport Center Graz

“We welcome you in our Racket Sport Center Graz, Austria’s leading multisport racket club. This autumn we will change 2 indoor tennis courts to three indoor padel courts, two pickle ball courts (the first in Austria) and two table tennis tables.

We are responsible for the supply of beverages and food for all players and team staff for the next 5 days and would like to give you a guideline.Before any collection of food or beverages, you must pay at the reception counter, you will receive a voucher, which you present at a collection in one of our three bars, the food tent, or the indoor kitchen. In the counter area, you will find a daily menu showing the food and all available drinks of the day.All drinks are served in re-useable plastic cups (exception GATORADE bottles 0,75l) – and are covered with a 1€ deposit in addition to the price we sell them. This deposit you get back at the reception after returning the cups and Gatorade bottles.This event is rated das „green event“ and we must undertake all efforts to avoid trash. As a result, we cannot allow you to bring your own food to the club, or consume your own drinks in PET bottles (we are special recycling the Gatorade PET bottles we sell in our club). Please bring your own water bottles and refill them on our toilets – our water is from the alps and perfectly drinkable. All drinks and food we sell are served in re-useable plastic cups or on porcelain plates.

All the latest news about the FIR Racketlon World Championships 2022 is available here.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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