5 Reasons to Enter the IWT Swiss Open

It’s June, which means the Racketlon World Tour is on the road to Zurich for the fourth tournament of the season; the IWT Swiss Open.

With no Austrian Open or King of Rackets this year, the IWT Swiss Open is possibly the most traditional racketlon tournament on the tour this year.

The prestigious racketlon event has a glistening history and has seen players from all around the world travel to the suburbs of Zurich for a high-quality racketlon event.

That is no different in 2022, with over 75 players from five continents, including South America, Africa and Oceania already registered.

The tournament is at the end of this month, which means that the player entry deadline is rapidly approaching. In fact, it is Monday, June 13. You’ve got less than a week left to enter the next tournament on the Racketlon World Tour!

Need a little persuasion? Here are five reasons why you should sign up!

Farewell to Vitis SportCenter – The End of the Swiss Open as we Know It

This year’s IWT Swiss Open will be extremely bittersweet as we bid farewell to the Vitis SportCenter that has served the Tour so perfectly over the last decade. The venue has not only hosted the Swiss Open so superbly for a decade, but it was also where the 2018 Racketlon World Championships were held so successfully.

This is the last time the IWT Swiss Open will ever be held at the fantastic Vitis SportCenter (Image: Rene Zwald)

But alas, all good things must come to an end. The venue is unfortunately due to be knocked down in early 2023 which means that this is it. Racketlon’s story at Vitis SportCenter, the World of Racket Sports, reaches its conclusion.

The Swiss Open will never be the same again. If you want to experience Racketlon at the Vitis SportCenter one final time it is now or never.

Elite Organisation

One thing that you can always rely on at the IWT Swiss Open is world-class organisation. Tournament Director Esther Dübendorfer has rightly earned herself a reputation as one of the best in the business. With a dependable team around her, the Swiss Open is always an event that will run smoothly from start to finish.

This was twice as evident last year as Dübendorfer stepped up on multiple occasions. First, she organised the Swiss Open. The hugely successful event was the first tournament since before the pandemic to have over 100 players take part. Then, she bravely stepped up to run a fantastic World Singles Championships at Sihlsports.

The organising team are one of the best and most experienced we have on the Racketlon World Tour (Image: Rene Zwald)

If you’re looking for an impeccably run tournament where all you need to do is turn up and swing your rackets then look no further. The Swiss Open is exactly what you’re after.

Glass Squash Court and Beautiful Badminton Hall

Let’s face it, we all love a glass squash court. It’s like a grass court in tennis or a custom-built badminton hall (which Vitis also has by the way). It’s just a little bit different and a little bit special.

Well, Vitis SportCenter is one of the few venues on the Racketlon World Tour that proudly boasts an all-glass squash court. I can vouch for the court myself, having played on it back during the 2018 World Championships. It’s fun and it’s different and it’s well worth playing on. In order to do that, you’ve got to enter.

We love the glass court at Vitis SportCenter! (Image: Rene Zwald)

In addition to the glass squash court, Vitis SportCenter also has one of the most beautiful badminton halls on the Racketlon World Tour. Decked out in a beautiful brown, the custom-built hall is a delight to play in.

A Tournament for the Juniors

Over the last few years, the Swiss Open has been a key driver in expanding the number of Junior categories available on the Racketlon World Tour. It began being a real catalyst for growth in the U13 categories a handful of years ago. It has now seen a range of different young players compete over the years from around the world.

That expanded even further in 2021 with the introduction of the Juniors U11 category. This is the youngest that racketlon has ever gone and is a huge stepping stone in getting more opportunities for young players. The Swiss Open and Tournament Director Esther Dübendorfer are the crucial force behind that.

The IWT Swiss Open has more opportunities for Juniors players than most tournaments – especially U11 and U13 (Image: Rene Zwald)

What that all means for 2022 is that this is the perfect tournament for young racketlon players. There are Boys U13, Girls U13 and Juniors U11 categories available for juniors, as well as the usual U16 categories as well. If you’re a Junior looking to get a bit of match practise in before the World Championships then this is an absolutely fantastic opportunity.

On-Site Camping – Travel on a Budget

Do you want to get out and play a bit more racketlon but you’re on a budget? The IWT Swiss Open may be perfect for you. Alongside the usual tournament hotels and private accommodation options, the Swiss Open is one of the rare tournaments on the Racketlon World Tour to offer on-site camping.

This is a fantastic way for you to keep your travel and accommodation costs to a minimum. It allows you to remain at the Sports Center at all times if you want to (and gives you time to have a bit more of a lie-in before that dreaded 9am match).

Make the most of the opportunity to camp at the IWT Swiss Open (Image: Rene Zwald)

If you’re able to get camping equipment to Vitis then you can actually camp on site for free. If you’re travelling from abroad and are unable to bring a tent with you then fear not! For just 10 euros a night, the Tournament Organisation team will provide both a tent and a mattress.

As someone who travelled to this venue in 2018 on a budget, I can highly recommend this option. It saved me plenty of cash and allowed me to not have to worry about getting up early to get to the sports center every day.

If you’re interested in booking camping on site then please head here.

There are many more reasons to enter the IWT Swiss Open but these are five which we want you to know about.

Enter the IWT Swiss Open here.

Full information about the IWT Swiss Open is available here.

Check out the 2022 Racketlon World Tour here. We currently have six different tournaments open for players of all ages and abilities.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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