FIR Statement: Suspension of Racketlon Federation of Russia

Racketlon Month

The FIR Council had a meeting late on 3rd March where it was decided to suspend the Racketlon Federation of Russia as country members of the FIR until further notice. This in effect means that no FIR tournaments can be held in Russia and that no  Russian teams or players are now able to play at any FIR tournaments. It was also decided that Russian teams or players would not be allowed to compete at FIR tournaments under a neutral banner.

The reason for taking this action, as with many other international federations, is simply to make a clear, unequivocal statement that the FIR is totally against the actions of the Russian government and that we stand firmly in support of Ukraine during these horrendous times.

While the Russian government choose to take this path we cannot allow normal activity just to continue.  The complete isolation of Russia from being able to compete on the international sporting stage (including not allowing Russian athletes competing under a neutral banner) is an important step to send a message to the Russian government that things simply cannot continue as they are.

This is a very difficult and sad time for all involved. We of course hold nothing personal against the Russian Federation and their players – they have become additional victims of their government’s brutal actions. But of course our thoughts are especially with the people of Ukraine at this time and the unspeakable horrors that they are now having to endure.

We all sincerely hope that a path to peace can be found.

Duncan Stahl / FIR President  

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