Player Entry Opens for IWT Swiss Open

Please note, the IWT RSL Finnish Open has now been cancelled due to COVID.

Player entry has officially opened for two 2022 FIR World Tour events; the IWT RSL Finnish Open and the IWT Swiss Open.

The IWT RSL Finnish Open is the first tournament of the season and takes place on February 18-20.

The ever-popular IWT Swiss Open takes place in its usual place at the end of June. It returns to the tour after being the first tournament since the resumption of covid to host over 100 players last year.

IWT RSL Finnish Open

The 2022 FIR World Tour begins in Helsinki, with racketlon returning to its spiritual home. The Finnish Open is one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments on the FIR World Tour, with this year’s tournament the 19th edition of the Finnish Open.

The tournament returns to Smash Center in Helsinki once again, a venue that has held FIR World Tour events numerous times in the past. The tournament takes place on February 18-20, with the doubles categories taking place on the 18th and the singles taking place across the weekend.

Finnish Open
The FIR World Tour returns to Smash Center, Helsinki as the Finnish Open takes place for the 19th time.

As with all FIR World Tour events, it is open to players. Historically, the Finnish Open has been dominated by Scandinavian players but is also easily accessible to all players in Northern Europe and Asia both by train and the air.

More information about the IWT RSL Finnish Open is available here. Further information will be coming on in the coming weeks.

IWT Swiss Open

Speaking of tournaments with a rich Racketlon history, player entry is also open to the IWT Swiss Open. While the Finnish Open is the first of the season, the IWT Swiss Open is right in the heart of the 2022 FIR World Tour.

The tournament returns to VITIS SportCenter on the outskirts of Zurich for a three-day event on June 24-26. This venue has featured heavily on the FIR World Tour in the last few years. It hosted a hugely successful World Singles Championship in 2018, as well as the last few IWT Swiss Opens.

The IWT Swiss Open was a huge success in 2021 as the first tournament since before the pandemic began to have over 100 players taking part. We expect even more players to enter the IWT Swiss Open this year so make sure you enter to take part.

More information about the IWT Swiss Open is available here. Further information will be available on later in the year.

With the dates confirmed, make sure to book your transport early to ensure you get the best prices.

While we are confident that the FIR World Tour will be far less interrupted than the last two years, we still encourage all players to book flexible and refundable travel to tournaments in 2022.

The full 2022 FIR World Tour is available here with more tournaments expected to be added throughout the year. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome to enter all FIR World Tour events.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

Image / Rene Zwald

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