Ogram, Eršil & Steiners New Juniors No.1s | January Rankings

Alexandra Ogram, David Eršil, Clarissa Steiner and Paulina Steiner are all-new World No.1s on Racketlon’s Juniors Circuit.

With Hannah Boden, Dara Ladner and Julia Schirutschke all no longer eligible to compete on the Juniors Circuit, Great Britain’s Alexandra Ogram is the new No.1.

Clarissa Steiner and Paulina Steiner have the same ranking points so are joint top of the Girls Doubles Rankings. In Mixed Doubles, David Eršil is the new No.1. All three replaced Hannah Boden who was the previous No.1.

Girls Singles – Ogram Climbs to the Top of the Mountain

Alexandra Ogram was the World No.4 in December having previously won the Girls U16 World Singles Championship back in 2019. Two years later, she is rewarded with a spot at the top of the rankings.

Ogram backed up her success in 2019 with some stellar results. She comfortably won the Girls U18 title at this year’s IWT Czech Open and also finished third in the Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles at the IWT London Open.

Ogram now leads Austria’s Clarissa Steiner by just over 300 ranking points with Afghanistan’s Shaghyegh Tabatabaie in third in the rankings. This is a historic ranking for Tabatabaie who becomes the first Afghan player to be ranked inside the top three of a racketlon singles rankings.

Alexandra Ogram is the new Girls Singles World No.1 (Image: Filip Rejthars)

The full Girls Singles Rankings are available here.

Girls Doubles – Steiners Top the Table

Remarkably, there are just three Girls Juniors ranked inside the Girls Doubles rankings and the No.1 spot is currently shared between Clarissa Steiner and Paulina Steiner.

The Austrian pair sit together at the top of the tree after finishing third at the 15. GRAWE sidebyside Austrian Open this year. Despite not being related, the duo teamed up and look like they could be a growing force.

The other player on the rankings is Alexandra Ogram. She has one tournament on her record having played alongside Jane Galsworthy at the IWT Czech Open this year. The three players will head into 2022 battling to be the outright leader. Hopefully, we’ll have some more players contending for the top spot as well.

Juniors Mixed Doubles –  Eršil Takes His Second Juniors No.1 Spot

In 2021, David Eršil grabbed his first Juniors No.1 as he topped the Boys Doubles rankings. Now, one year later, he’s top of the table again in the Juniors Mixed Doubles. Eršil moves to the top of the pile having played six tournaments as Boden and Ladner depart the rankings.

Joining Eršil in the top five is a trio of Brits and one Austrian. Luke Griffiths lands at No.2 with David Bennett at No.3, Alexandra Ogram at No.4 and Clarissa Stiner at No.5.

At the moment, Eršil has a lead of over 1,100 points. With Luke Griffiths now a Men’s A regular player, it feels like he’s the main contender to hunt down the top seed.

The full Juniors Mixed Doubles rankings are available here.

Best of the Rest – Graenicher Joins Senior Rankings

There are minimal other major changes across the Juniors and Seniors rankings.

Perhaps the biggest comes in the Men’s Seniors Singles where Benjamin Graenicher is now eligible. The Swiss stars land at No.2 in the rankings, less than 500 points behind long-term No.1 Duncan Stahl. The other two new players to have arrived in the top-100 of the Men’s Seniors rankings are Marek Hrůza and Thomas Olsson, who land at No.88 and No. 90 respectively.

There were few other moves higher or lower than one spot in any of the other rankings. Matthew Davidson has moved up three spots to No.2 in the Boys Juniors Doubles behind Florian Harca. In the Seniors Mixed Doubles, Silke Altmann fell three spots to No.7, as Benjamin Graenicher landed at No.3. Graenicher also landed at No.6 in the Men’s Seniors Doubles rankings, knocking Mohammed Tarik Koubaa and Cédric Junillon down to No.8 and No.9.

The full rankings are available here.

The full report from the Singles and Doubles rankings are available here.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

Image Credit / rubinfoto.com

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