Enmer & Lenggenhager Debut in Top 10 | January Rankings

Myriam Enmer and Nicolas Lenggenhager have both made their debuts inside the Top-10 of the Singles World Rankings as the first rankings of 2022 are published.

A silver medal at the IWT Club La Santa Open sees Enmer rise two spots to No.9, pushing Irina Olsacher out of the top-10 and Nicole Eisler down to No.10.

Similar to Enmer, Lenggenhager also lands at No.9 in the Men’s Singles Rankings. The Swiss star replaces Benjamin Graenicher as the new Swiss No.1, with Graenicher now at No.10 and Frenchman Sylvain Ternon falling down to No.12.

Morten Jaksland’s Triple Crown in Lanzarote ensured that he tightened his grip on the World No.1 spot in the Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles World Rankings.

Women’s Singles – Enmer Reaches a New Career High

It’s a landmark day for French talent Myriam Enmer as she breaks into the Top-10 of the Women’s Singles rankings for the first time. Enmer beat Margaux Randjbar to secure silver at the IWT Club La Santa Open.

With Nicole Eisler losing ranking points from the 2018 King of Rackets, Enmer rose two spots, with Eisler falling two spots to No.10. Randjbar’s bronze medal in Lanzarote ensures she remains the French No.1, leading Enmer by just over 400 ranking points.

Outside the top-10, a lot of the movement was minor but caused by the loss of the 2018 King of Rackets points. Hannah Boden becomes the British No.1 once again as recently-retired Izzy Bramhall falls to No.16. Natalie Paul also drops out of the top 10 with Czechia’s Zuzana Vancuríková replacing her.

Anna-Klara Ahlmer is beginning to close on World No.1 Christine Seehofer (Image: Filip Rejthar)

With only four women competing at the IWT Club La Santa Open Women’s Singles categories, it’s mainly King of Rackets points that have caused major changes. Anastasiya Bruzgina, Lieselot De Bleeckere, Dorothee Gazeau, Maria Morozova and Julia Knake have all fallen over 10 spots.

Despite losing her champions points from the King of Rackets, Christine Seehofer remains the World No.1. However, Anna-Klara Ahlmer is beginning to slowly close the gap after winning the IWT Club La Santa Open crown.

The full Women’s Singles Rankings are available here.

Men’s Singles – Lenggenhager Rewarded for Busy 2021

Few players were as active in 2021 as Nicolas Lenggenhager and the left-hander has been richly rewarded. For the first time in his career, Lenggenhager is in the Top-10 of the Men’s Singles rankings after King of Rackets points losses for Benjamin Graenicher and Sylvain Ternon allowed him to move ahead.

Graenicher falls to No.10 with Lenggenhager both the new No.9 and the new Swiss No.1. Duncan Stahl rises to No.11 with Sylvain Ternon landing at No.12. Funnily enough, there were minimal other movements in the top 10. While Morten Jaksland, Kresten Hougaard and Dan Busby all lost points from the King of Rackets, they also gained points by completing the podium at the IWT Club La Santa Open.

Morten Jaksland improves his advantage at the top of the Men’s Singles Rankings (Image: Rene Zwald)

The only other movement in the top-20 was Koen Hageraats moving up one spot to replace Ray Jordan who moves the other way. There are new career highs for Florian Harca and Damien Andre at No.21 and No.22 respectively. This is as retired-Austrian Lukas Windischberger continues to fall out of the rankings.

After competing in Lanzarote, Matthew Davidson also reaches a new high of No.35 while there is an enormous jump of 93 spots up to No.76 for James Langworthy. America’s Patrick Moran enjoys a rise of 15 spots to No.72 with British pair Alex Du Noyer and Luke Barnes also re-entering the top-100 at No.89 and No. 92 respectively.

The full Men’s Singles Rankings are available here.

Best of the Rest – Quiet Month Across the Rankings

Dan Busby and Luke Penttinen both rose one spot each to No.3 and No.4 in the Men’s Doubles rankings but is still a long way behind No.1 Morten Jaksland.

As well as entering the Top-10 of the Women’s Singles, Myriam Enmer also lands at No.10 in both the Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles rankings. Margaux Randjbar is also up to a career-high No.5 in the Women’s Doubles rankings as Nicole Eisler and Bettine Bugl both slide.

The full Racketlon World Rankings are available here.

We’ll have a full report on the Juniors and Seniors Rankings coming soon.

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Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

Image / Alex Rieck

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