Video-on-Demand Service at World Singles Championship

Do you want to have your big matches recorded in a high-quality video? Now is your chance as the FIR will offer a video-on-demand service for the World Singles Championship in Switzerland.

Your match will be followed and shot with a GoPro camera in 2.7K resolution wide-screen or 4K resolution with normal width if there is sufficient space behind the courts. The video will then be fully edited (taking out any unwanted gaps in play etc) and delivered to you the week after the tournament. With both players’ consent, the match will also be uploaded on FIR’s soon-to-be-upgraded YouTube channel.

Book Your Video-on-Demand Slot in Advance

With limited video-on-demand slots available and some matches already pre-booked for the service, it is done on a first-come, first-served basis. The service will cost 40€ per match, which can be split between the two players. Should only one player wish to have the match recorded and pay the full amount themself, the video will not be uploaded on YouTube and sent only to the one player.

Please contact FIR Head of Delegates, Kresten Hougaard on WhatsApp (+45 26369972), should you wish to make use of the service stating the exact time of the match. A schedule of available slots can be found in the venue throughout the tournament from Thursday to Sunday.

The full World Singles Championship schedule can be found here.

Kresten Hougaard / FIR Head of Delegates

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