Statistics Updated With World Champions Added

After months of work, we’re delighted to reveal that we have added a full list of Racketlon World Champions to the statistics page on

We have included a full, comprehensive list of every elite, junior and senior world champion from 2001 to the present day.

This includes all singles, doubles and team world champions across a remarkable 47 categories in total.

World Champions the Latest Added to Statistics – More to Come

We are constantly looking to improve racketlon and one of the ways we want to do that is to celebrate the success of our players throughout history.

This began in 2020 as we added a statistics page to with every elite tournament winner in history. Those lists, covering singles and doubles, are available to check out here.

The second phase of that process was to add all our world champions. Now, we have successfully completed that phase and we are delighted that you can check them all out here.

World Doubles Championship medals at the 2019 tournament (Image: Inge Omey)

Our statistics page will not stop there though. We remain in the process of added more statistics to celebrate the success of all our players. This will include a detailed history of racketlon rankings, the FIR World Tour Race and also details about previous world tours.

If there are more statistics that you would like to see added to our website then please let us know.

A huge congratulations to everyone that is already a Racketlon World Champion. We look forward to seeing more names added to that list in 2021 and beyond as the World Championships continue.

The full World Champions list is available to view here.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

The FIR is currently undertaking a fundraising campaign to help secure the long-term future of racketlon, the sport that we all love. If you would like to help us out then please head to our Fundraising Page for more information. A huge thanks in advance to everyone that has supported us so far and to everyone that supports us in the future.

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