“Let’s Get Physical” One Year Anniversary & “Death by Burpees” Challenge

Exactly one year ago, as countries all around the world began to lock down and the FIR were forced to start cancelling world tour tournaments, Martina Meissl from Austria and Amke Fischer from Germany launched an online workout session called Let’s Get Physical. Racketlon players from all around the world were invited to join these Racketlon specific workout sessions and very quickly an amazing community was born!

Every single week for the last 12 months, at least one Let’s Get Physical session has taken place which is an incredible achievement and shows just how much people have enjoyed both the workouts but also the sense of fun and community of getting together with fellow Racketlon players while tournaments and court time have not been possible. Let’s Get Physical has truly been one of the shining lights to emerge out of a very difficult year for everyone.

Roll of Honour

Here is a list of some of the people from more than 12 different countries who have enjoyed the Let’s Get Physical sessions over the last 12 months:

Martina Meissl, Amke Fischer, James Pope, Duncan Stahl, Chrisi Seehoffer, Jon Foulds, Jonathan Rucquoy, Jo Shelley, Kasper Jonsson, Silke Altman, Morten Jaksland, Leigh Sands, Karen King, Ersoy Korer, Adarsh Vikram, Jenny Schmitz, Roland Pichler, Joss Gade, Kate Russel, Patrick Buergi, Stine Krogsoe, Damien Andre, Zuzana Severinova, Maxi Karg, Mathilde Gaudin, Jean Michot, Kedar Negdonde, Robert Szymczak, Katja Brandt, Sasha Genovese, Anthony Duthuille, Korbi Heim.

“Death by Burpees” Challenge 12.00 CET on Sunday 11th April

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary, a very special challenge has been organised with the whole of the Racketlon community invited to come and take part:

Death by Burpees: 1x burpee in the first minute, 2x burpees in 2nd minute, 3x burpees in the 3rd minute etc. The current Let’s Get Physical record is someone reaching 24 minutes.

Who can last the longest? The FIR are providing prizes for the winner!

Please click on this link:

Burpee Challenge Link

Meeting ID: 831 9495 4273
Passcode: 381080

at 12.00 CET this Sunday 11th April

Come and take part or watch who will be crowned the winner!

Let’s Get Physical Session: 19.30 CET on Friday 9th April

As a warm-up for the Burpee challenge, there is also an open invitation to anyone to join this week’s Let’s Get Physical session this Friday evening at 19.30 CET. Anyone can join and you’ll soon understand how much fun it is and why these sessions have been so popular for so long. It would be great to see lots of new faces this Friday! See the link below…

Let’s Get Physical Link: 19.30 CET Friday 9th April

Meeting ID: 831 9495 4273
Passcode: 381080

Tini Meissl about Let’s Get Physical:

“Looking back over the last year, I’m still amazed at how successful it has been. I think it‘s the perfect mix of people in our regular group. In the beginning, I was really nervous about doing an online workout but with Amke‘s support, we quickly grew in confidence and offered different workouts with different themes. We started with the full-body workouts and then also had shadow training for the different sports – the sessions can be quite hard but there’s never any pressure as everyone just performs to the level they can.

“For me, it was harder to do the workouts during last summer, because by then we were allowed to go outside again, but Amke was so focused and kept driving everyone on, each and every week!

“The best thing about LGP is that everyone comes with different, creative ideas all the time to keep things interesting: hula-hoop sessions, dance routine warm-ups, sometimes we go for a run/bike ride and then have HIIT training and cool down together – all online!

“The times of the sessions are just worked out spontaneously through the week on our WhatsApp group: “I’ve got an hour free for lunch, who wants to do a session?!”

“There’s always a sporty friend around who you can join the workouts, work hard, sweat together and often have a chat and some drinks afterwards.

“Everybody brings such positive vibes and it’s so much fun – we’ve made lots of friends and I think the sessions are going to continue long after all these corona problems have disappeared. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to come and join us whenever they like – just send a mail to martina.meissl@hotmail.com to be added to our WhatsApp group…”

Duncan Stahl / FIR President

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