December Rankings: Stoisser Climbs & Meissl Back in Top 20

The FIR World Rankings have been unfrozen for one month in December to include the results from the GRAWE sidebyside 14. Austrian Open, with champion Georg Stoisser seeing the biggest December rankings rise.

After being ranked outside the top-200, Stoisser moves up to world No.60. Beaten finalist Sylvain Ternon also enjoyed a small bump and is now at No.12, the best ranking of his career.

In the women’s singles rankings, Christine Seehofer extended her lead as World No.1 with a victory in Graz. Elsewhere, Martina Meissl moved back inside the top 20 and debutant finalist Myriam Enmer joined the rankings at No.53.

Ternon on the brink or top-10 while Stoisser returns to the top 100

Those that were able to take part in the GRAWE sidebyside 14. Austrian Open mostly all saw ranking moves – although not all of them good.

Georg Stoisser was the big winner. The title in Graz catapulted the Austrian back inside the top 100 to No.60, a number he will look to build on in 2021. Sylvain Ternon was the big winner inside the top-20 as he moved from No.17 to No.12. With Lukas Windischberger set to fall out of the top-10 in 2021, he now puts himself in a prime position to replace him.

Bernhard Pilsz’s first-round loss saw him fall away in the race to the top 10 as he dropped from No.12 to No.15.

There were also small rises for Marcel Weigl, Mohammed Tarik Koubaa and Mandrin Mouchet, who land next to each other at No.24, No.25 and No.26 in the rankings. While Weigl rose two spots, a bronze for Mouchet lifted him from No.33 to No.25 while Koubaa also moved up from No.40.

Florian Harca joins Luke Griffiths as one of only two players born after 2000 to sit inside the top-65. The Austrian, who was at No.91 in the last rankings, is now at No.63.

Jonas Grafeneder and David Ersil both make their top-100 debuts after the tournament in the December rankings, coming in at No.79 and No.94 respectively. After finishing 4th in the men’s singles, Martin Abrami just misses out. The French star lands at No.101 but will almost certainly move inside the top 100 in 2021.

Meissl back in the top 20 as Enmer lands at No.53

For the women’s rankings, there was little impact from the tournament. The champion, Christine Sehofer, added to her points total as she cemented her spot as World No.1.

The runner-up, Myriam Enmer was making her world tour debut. She entered the rankings at No.53 and, like Abrami, will no doubt see a big boost if she plays more in 2021.

Bettina Bugl, who finished 3rd, added to her points total to close the gap on world No.3 Anna-Klara Ahlmer. For now, though, the Austrian remains at No.4 in the world.

Former world No.4 Martina Meissl enjoyed perhaps the nicest rise in the rankings. The Austrian, lifted herself up by seven spots to put her back in the top-20 once again at No.19. She is another contender to crack the top-10 in 2021 in what is proving to be a stacked top-20.

Other December rankings changes

There was no change to any of the other world No.1s in any of the juniors, seniors or doubles rankings. There were some big movers in the top-10 though.

Georg Stoisser is the new No.9 in the men’s doubles rankings, replacing Sweden’s Rene Lindberg in the top-10. Kresten Hougaard and Nicole Eisler also dropped out of the top-10 in the Mixed Doubles rankings, with Kirsten Kaptein and Bettina Bugl replacing them.

Strong runs in Graz saw Marcel Weigl and Mohammed Tarik Koubaa make a move in the men’s seniors world rankings. Weigl is the new No.3 while Koubaa entered the top-10 for the first time at No.9.

In the boys juniors, Luke Griffiths has been replaced at No.3 by Florian Harca, who moves up two places. Martin Abrami also bursts into the top-10 for the first time, landing at No.9 and knocking Jonas Engrstom out.  Finally, Shaghyegh Tabatabaie makes history for Afghanistan by landing at No.4 in the girls junior rankings. The youngster becomes the first Afghan player to reach the top 10 of a racketlon singles rankings.

The full December rankings can be viewed here.

The rankings will now be frozen again until April, when the FIR World Tour resumes. More information about the future of the FIR World Tour Rankings is available here.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

Image Credit / Alex Rieck

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