2021 FIR World Tour Announcement – January to June Dates Revealed

After a very difficult year for the World Tour in 2020, we now look forward to 2021 where the Tour is starting to take shape. This is the first announcement for 2021 FIR World Tour tournaments between January and June 2021. However, it is still possible that we may still add some tournaments to this period at a later date – so this is not a final list of tournaments.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about how much coronavirus restrictions may still have an impact on the 2021 Tour, so you will see that the first planned tournament back is not until the end of March in order to give 4 months for the situation to improve. With the promise of vaccines coming soon, we hope there will be minimal impact on the 2021 Tour but obviously, it’s impossible to be certain.

So below are our current plans for the first half of the next year but all are still coronavirus dependent. More detailed information and entry information will be released about each of these tournaments over the next few weeks.

2021 FIR World Tour – January to June


26th-27th – CHA Sihlsports Open | Langnau, Switzerland


9th–11th – IWT Czech Open | Prague, Czech Republic
16th–18th – CHA Nick Matthew Steel City Open | Sheffield, UK


28th–30th – SWT King of Rackets | Oudenaarde, Belgium


11th–13th – IWT Rotterdam Open | Rotterdam, The Netherlands
25th – Champions League (1st leg) | Zurich, Switzerland
26th–27th – IWT Swiss Open | Zurich, Switzerland

CHA = Challenger
IWT = International World Tour
SWT = Super World Tour

King of Rackets
The King of Rackets returns in the final weekend of May (Image: Inge Omey)

In the second half of the year (July to December) we have the World Championships in Vienna & Graz as previously announced, and we also have very exciting potential plans for 4 brand-new tournaments in 4 cities which have never hosted a World Tour tournament before. We hope to make the first announcement about these events in the second half of the year in January.

With the Tour continually expanding to new venues, new cities and new countries we hope 2021 will provide the worldwide Racketlon community a truly exciting year back on the court!

Duncan Stahl / FIR President

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