IWT Finnish Open Cancelled; SWT RacketFest Under Review

The FIR unfortunately has to announce that the IWT Finnish Open, due to be the first FIR tournament since February, has had to be cancelled.

A change in travel restrictions has meant that it is no longer possible for Finland to host the tournament.

The SWT RacketFest has also had its entry temporarily closed with the situation in Germany currently under assessment. The tournament has not been cancelled.

IWT Finnish Open Cancelled

The IWT Finnish Open was scheduled to take place from the 18th-20th September. Instead, it became the 10th tournament to be cancelled as a result of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

Tournament Director Poku Salo sent the below message to players entered in the IWT Finnish Open:

“The Finnish Racketlon Federation has today made the very sad decision to cancel the Finnish Open in September.

“Since the decision to go on with the event, Finland has restricted travellers from six more European countries.

“We had 10 foreign entrants, of which only one would be able to enter Finland without a 14 day self-isolation. Among the restricted countries are, among others, Sweden, UK, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Poland, USA, and most eastern European countries. Of last year’s entrants, all but one was from these countries.

“I’m very sad that we had to cancel the event, but as things are developing in the wrong direction at the moment, I feel that this was the right decision.”

SWT RacketFest Under Review

The SWT RacketFest is also under review. The tournament is scheduled to take place from the 9th-11th October in Leipzig, Germany. However, this tournament is currently being assessed.

Currently, the online entry has been temporarily turned off. As it stands, the tournament has not been cancelled though, and players wishing to play can express their interest to Tournament Director Duncan Stahl at duncan@dwsevents.com.

The 2020 FIR World Tour tournaments page has been updated on Racketlon.net. It now reflects the live situation of the eight tournaments scheduled between now and the end of 2020.

Entry is open for the World Doubles Championships, IWT Czech Open, SWT 14. Austrian Open – Super World Tour Finals presented by GRAWE sidebyside and IWT Club La Santa Open. SWT RacketFest currently has entry temporarily turned off while entry has not yet opened for the IWT Paris Open. The World Team and Singles Championships are currently to be confirmed, with a final decision to be made before September 9th.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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