July’s 2020 FIR Global Online Workshop A Success

Back on the 11th of July, we ran the first FIR Global Online Workshop for the development and growth of racketlon around the world. We had representatives from 18 different countries attend the workshop.

The full FIR Global Online Workshop ended up running for nearly four hours and received positive feedback from those who attended and has already resulted in some exciting new plans and projects in a few different countries.

The 18 countries that attended were France, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, Luxembourg, Romania, Canada, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and India.

A number of topics were presented and discussed with an open discussion between presenters and attendees. A list of the topics is below:

Workshop Topics

  • Response to Coronavirus by Duncan Stahl
  • Using Social Media to raise awareness and find players by Sam Barker
  • Applying for sponsorship and funding by Marcel Weigl
  • Negotiating with venues and hosting world tour tournaments by Graham King
  • National membership structures and national tournaments by Karim Hanna (Swiss Racketlon), Lee Gregson (UK Racketlon), Kevin Ho Ching Ng (Hong Kong Racketlon), Cheema Kaushal (Racketlon India Sports Association)
  • Junior development including Racketlon in universities by Jon Spinks

We are aware that some people were not able to attend but would like to have watched the FIR Global Online Workshop. The workshop was recorded and the link is available to anyone who is interested. Please email FIR President Duncan Stahl if you wish to watch it in full.

We have a number of PowerPoint slides available from the speakers if you wish to see more about what went on during the workshop.

“There is an energy and potential to really grow Racketlon”

Speaking about the workshop, Duncan said: “The online workshop on July 11th with our member countries marked the start of an important new phase in the FIR’s plans to develop and grow Racketlon by recognising the vital role our member countries need to play.

“The FIR’s focus for the last 18 months has been to raise awareness through a radical increase in Racketlon’s presence on social media and to expand the World Tour into new cities and new countries.

“While this work will continue, the only way to turn this increase in awareness into real sustainable growth and participation is for the individual national federations to grow Racketlon within their own countries.

So the FIR now has several new plans to support and work with our national federations much closer than ever before, and also want to encourage our different federations to work with each other, to share plans and develop working relationships.

“This online workshop was an important first step in this process and I was hugely encouraged to see so many representatives from so many countries give up their time to make the workshop such a success. Just over 40 people from 18 different countries joined the workshop”

“These 18 countries who delivered presentations, asked questions and came up with great ideas during the workshop showed that there is an energy and potential to really grow Racketlon in their countries.

“Thanks again to those who took part and I look forward to working with these forward-thinking countries more and more as the FIR rolls out plans for much closer collaboration going forward.”

After the positive feedback, this is something that the FIR would like to do more of in the future. If you have any ideas for topics you wish to discuss or learn more about then please let us know.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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