FIR World Tour Update: September to December

We do now have some much more positive news to bring everyone about the status of tournaments on the FIR World Tour between September and December this year.

Across most countries now, corona restrictions are all beginning to be lifted so that players can now practice most sports and it is widely expected that tournaments will be allowed again during this period between September and December.

There are, however, still travel restrictions in place and this may affect some players traveling to/from certain countries. It is absolutely vital that all players take the responsibility to follow the public health and travel advice in their own countries and to where they are travelling.

It is also clear that the corona situation is evolving and changing all the time, with some restrictions having to be brought back in response to local hot spots effecting certain local areas in certain countries. With these possible changes in mind, players should make travel and accommodation bookings for tournaments where refunds are possible or bookings can be changed. This is the player’s responsibility.

We are all very excited about the possible return of the World Tour ! Please see below a summary of the current status of each of the remaining FIR tournaments for 2020 as well as a short comment from each of the the tournament teams:

IWT Finnish Open, Helsinki: 18 – 20th September

Status: Online entry is now open: ENTER HERE

“With Finland now starting to open up travel to most of Europe and local government allowing the tournament to take place, online entry is now open and the tournament team are “optimistic and proud to present the first “post covid” FIR World Tournament. We do strongly advice you to check with your country’s travel restrictions before booking your flight.”


SWT Racketfest, Leipzig: 9 – 11th October

Status: final decision to be made before 20th July

“The situation in Leipzig is looking positive for us to be able launch this brand new Super World Tour (doubles and singles) using the same fantastic facilities and tournament hotel as at the World Championships last year. We aim to have all player and tournament information published within the next 2 weeks. Local government advice allows the tournament to go ahead and nearly all travel restrictions to Germany have now been lifted.”


IWT Paris Open, Montreuil: 24-25th October

Status: final decision to be made in next few weeks

“We are still planning for the tournament to take place and are hopeful that it will. We are in communication with the Town of Montreuil officials and are awaiting their decision if the tournament can take place or not. Information will be published soon.”


World Doubles Championships & Czech Open, Prague: 5th – 8th November

Status: tournament to go ahead and online entry to open shortly

“The international situation including air travel is developing favourably so we are pleased that the re-scheduled World Doubles Championships and Czech Open can still happen this year and all information about the tournament and online entry should be available for all players this week.”


GRAWE SidebySide 14. SWT Austrian Open – Super World Tour Finals, Graz: 20 – 22nd November

Status: Online Entry now open: ENTER HERE

Tournament & Player Information:

“With the relaxing of restrictions in Austria, we’re very pleased to launch this tournament and look forward to welcoming all players to Graz for the Super World Tour Finals!”


World Championships: Singles & Teams, Stockholm: 25 – 29th November

Status: final decision made by 9th September

“In August, the FIR will be getting feedback from all the member countries about the current corona restrictions in their countries. The FIR Council will then meet in early September to assess this feedback from member countries but also assess the local public health situation in Stockholm and what travel restrictions are still in place for travel to Sweden. Based on all this information, the FIR Council will then make a final decision about whether the World Championships should still take place or not.

 If the World Championships do take place then they will be in Stockholm from 25 – 29th November.”


IWT Club La Santa Open: 12th – 14th December

Status: to be confirmed

“We’re still awaiting some feedback from Club La Santa and as soon as that is received, all decisions and information about the tournament will be published.”  


Nick Matthew Steel City Open, Sheffield: 18th – 20th December

Status: Cancelled

“Unfortunately the Hallamshire Club feel that the continued uncertainty in the UK and the likelihood that some social distancing regulations will still be in place until the end of this year, they have decided to try and re-schedule the tournament to 2021. We are currently trying to arrange dates in April.”

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