Final FIR Weekly Quiz on Wednesday, May 27; Hosted by Joss Gade and Cedric Junillon

This Wednesday is the big final of the FIR weekly quiz! It is the 10th quiz we have done in a row and it’s when the overall FIR Quiz Champion will be crowned!

We have a whole new quiz set up for this final, where all players will join by Zoom and will answer the questions live via their phones, with more points awarded for those who answer the quickest!

And your hosts for this grand final will be the French dream team of Joss Gadé and Cedric Junillon.

Time: 18:00(BST) / 19.00(CET) on Wednesday 27th May.

Zoom: Please go to this link:

What you need: join Zoom via the link above and then you will need a separate device (phone).

All instructions on how you will answer the questions via your phone will be given on Zoom at 19.00.

As always, there is a weekly prize of a high-quality Victor towel for the winner. For those who are in contention for the overall prize, there are a lot of points on offer this week so make sure you get involved.

This is the final quiz in our series, so it would be great to have as many people join in and play as possible.

Duncan Stahl / FIR President

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