Join The Online Racketlon Workout | “Let’s Get Physical”

Seeking a way to keep fit with friends while at home? Look no further than  Racketlon’s “Let’s Get Physical” workout!

Two of the sport’s biggest stars, Austria’s Martina Meissl and Germany’s Amke Fischer, are leading two sessions a week: Tuesday’s at 12:00CET and Friday’s at 17:30CET and are inviting all racketlon players to get involved.

Martina and Amke lead the sessions online. However, everyone taking part is encouraged to bring a couple of exercises to the mix.

“A Seriously Good Workout”

Both of the world No.1s, Christine Seehofer and Morten Jaksland have taken part. They have been joined by racketlon players past and present from around the world. Morten described is as a “seriously good workout”.

Kasper Jonsson, Jean Michot, Kedar Nadgonde, Ersoy Korer, Kate Russell, James Pope, Adarsh Vikram Narayanaswamy, Jon Foulds, Karen King, Jonathan Rucquoy, Leight Sands, Robert Symczak and Duncan Stahl are just some of the players to have taken part.

Each session has a maximum capacity of 20 players so interest needs to be registered in advance. If you’re interested in getting involved in these fun but challenging sessions then contact Martina Meissl by messaging her on Facebook.

Get involved today and Let’s Get Physical!

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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