Rotterdam 2020: World Championships UPDATE

I want to do everything we can to keep all the players and worldwide Racketlon community in touch with how and when we are making decisions about future tournaments. Clearly the World Championships in Rotterdam (19 – 23rd August) is the showpiece tournament of the year and we will do everything we can to try and make the tournament happen.

We are in regular contact with the tournament team in Holland, led by Erik Roelofsen and Guus Van De Burgt and we’ve agreed the following decision making process:

We will meet in the first week of May and based on all the latest advice from local government health officials and consultation with other international sports federations, we will make a decision to either:

  1. Cancel the tournament
  2. Wait 1 more month (until first week of June) before making a final decision
  3. Confirm the tournament will happen

So a decision about the World Championships will either be made in the first week of May or at the very latest in the first week of June. It is not possible to wait any longer after the first week of June to make a final decision – that is our absolute deadline by which time we will have to either confirm or cancel the tournament.

I hope that provides everyone some clarity on the situation.

Obviously we advise you not to book your accommodation or travel to Rotterdam until you hear 100% confirmation to do so by the FIR (unless you are able to book a flexible ticket / accommodation that can be refunded).

We will of course immediately communicate any decisions that are made in the first week of May and/or first week of June.

We greatly appreciate your understanding in what is a very difficult and constantly changing situation.

We also hope you’re enjoying all the content we are providing both on, Facebook and Instagram: weekly quiz, racket challenges and various other competitions – please keep sharing all the content with friends, team-mates, coaches, practice partners and family. It all helps us spread the awareness of Racketlon right across the world…which right now is more important than ever!

All the best to everyone.

Duncan Stahl / FIR President

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