Racketlon’s Quiz: Round 1 Questions

Racketlon’s Weekly Quiz begins today with the first round questions now live!

Duncan Stahl announced the questions on Facebook Live and the first bonus points have already been awarded, with Johnny Bispham picking up five points for being the first to correctly answer the Facebook Live bonus question.

You can rewatch the Facebook Live stream here.

There are still bonus points up for grabs with the first three people to submit their answer sheets gaining them. Five points for the first answer sheet received, three points for coming second and one point for coming

The questions for the first round are:

Racketlon Round

  1. Which country has produced the most players who have won the Racketlon Elite World Championship Singles, Men and Women? (Most players, not most titles)
  2. Order the four racketlon sports by the fastest ever recorded speed of a ball, directly off the racket. Fastest sport first, slowest last.
  3. What was the furthest west, officially sanctioned FIR tournament to ever take place?
  4. Who was the next winner in this sequence: Jesper Ratzer, Stefan Adamsson, Kresten Hougaard, Calum Reid.
  5. Name the city where the 2014 World Team and Doubles took place.
  6. Who’s the tallest player to have ever won the Men’s Singles World Championship?
  7. What common achievement have all the winners of Women’s Elite singles titles at the Malta Open also achieved in racketlon?
  8. Name all the countries which have won the World Elite Team Championships? 1 point per country. 1 Minus point for every incorrect country.
  9. The Challenge Cup – team competition for what used to be the 3rd division – has been played for twice in 2018 and 2019. Which two countries have won it?
  10. What have Christian Schaefer, Anders Svanberg, Mikhael Hansen and Jonas Engstrom all won?

General Sports Round

  1. Which top tennis player was said to have smashed a total of 48 rackets during the 1999 season?
    1. Marat Safin
    2. Greg Rusedski
    3. Andre Agassi
  2. Which country won gold in the men’s and women’s badminton singles in the year that badminton made its debut in the Olympics?
  3. Which player who won Wimbledon was also a Table Tennis world champion?
  4. How many times has an Olympic Games been cancelled or postponed?
  5. List the countries which have hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. 1 point each. For each incorrect country you name, you get minus 1 point.

General Trivia

  1. If you travel by car around the Australian coast by road, would it be a shorter distance travelling clockwise or anti-clockwise?
  2. How many countries have land borders with Germany?
    1. 7
    2. 8
    3. 9
  3. When was the Euro launched?
    1. 1997
    2. 1998
    3. 1999
  4. Which are the three largest islands in the Mediterranean by area? (1 Point per correct island)

Who is Older?

  1. Graham King or Prince Charles?
  2. Frank Kleiber or Oliver Kahn?
  3. Ray Jordan or Melania Trump?
  4. Greta Thunberg or Luke Griffiths?
  5. Emmanuel Macron or Loic Cencig?

Please submit your answer sheets to Sam Barker at barker.sam@hotmail.co.uk by 19:00CET on Thursday 26th March.

The winner of round one will be revealed on Friday afternoon.

Good luck!

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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