FIR Statement on Coronavirus

The FIR is receiving regular, daily government advice about Coronavirus and based on this advice, the current situation is that all scheduled FIR tournaments will go ahead as normal.

We are constantly monitoring the local situation where the next few FIR tournaments are due to take place and the numbers of people expected at these tournaments is small enough that they can all go ahead as planned. If the situation changes around any of these tournaments then we will let all players know.

However, it is also important to note that official government advice across Europe is that if a person has recently travelled to any of the affected areas listed as Category 1 then they should not travel to tournaments. People who have travelled recently in any of the listed Category 2 countries should not travel to any tournaments if they develop any symptoms. Please go to this link to see the current list of Category 1 and Category 2 countries: Coronavirus Category 1 and Category 2 Countries This list is from Public Health England but is similar to the current governmental advice across Europe.

 It is of course the personal decision of all players as to whether they want to travel to a tournament or not. We encourage players to make sure they are careful what advice they act on and to make sure it is from reliable sources. Decisions should be based on official advice from their local governments.

 We are working hard to stay on top of what is a difficult situation.

 All the best,

Duncan Stahl / FIR President

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