Racketlon World Championships Official Sponsors and Balls Revealed

Ahead of the 17th Racketlon World Team and Singles Championships, we are proud to officially announce the four main tournament sponsors and official balls that will be being used during the Championships.

VICTOR, Butterfly, Sportdeutschland.TV and ESG are the four primary sponsors for the World Championships, and the tournament could not take place without their help.

VICTOR: “We wish all participants nice and exciting matches”

Our first sponsor, VICTOR Europe, is one of the most prestigious badminton and racket sports brands in the world.

VICTOR has become a leading supporter of the FIR World Tour in 2019. It has sponsored the hugely successful Victor Racketlon Series across three IWT’s in Berlin, Riga and Malta. The 2020 Victor Racketlon Series will be announced soon!

As well as providing balls for three of the four sports at the World Championships, VICTOR has also provided us with superb official tournament shirts, more information on which is available here.

Marcel Jacobsen from VICTOR says ahead of the World Championships, “Victor is one of the leading badminton brands in the world but also next to badminton, we are a good choice in squash and tennis. Due to this product portfolio, we are happy to support racketlon, as this sport is a multifarious one just like our portfolio. So we can support this great and variable sport with our experience.

“We built up a nice cooperation with the FIR so that we are able to support the Tournament Team with shirts as well as the players with a stringing service and sales booth. Also, the balls and shuttles are delivered through us so that the players can play with the highest quality to lift their performance to a higher level.

VICTOR Europe is happy to support the World Championships and wish all participants nice and exciting matches!”

The tournament will use VICTOR Champion One shuttles, VICTOR squash balls (double yellow) and VICTOR tennis balls throughout.

Butterfly: “Quality and service come first”

Over the last 70 years, Butterfly has established itself as the leading table tennis brand worldwide. The European branch of Butterfly was founded in Moers, Germany in 1973. Germany has remained the European home of Butterfly ever since.

Rudiger von Berg from Butterfly explains that “rubbers and blades are certainly Butterfly’s main products. But also in other fields such as textiles, accessories, tables and many more. Butterfly offers a wide range of high-quality equipment. ‘Quality and service come first’ is Butterfly’s motto.

“TBE (Tamasu Butterfly Europe) has been working with the German Racketlon Association for many years. If a big Racketlon event is played in Germany, TBE has the agreement to support this event.”

Butterfly is providing all table tennis equipment for the World Championships with the new Butterfly S40 as the official tournament ball.

Sportdeutchland.TV: “The World Championships fits perfectly”

Sportdeutschland.TV will be providing all the technology for live-streaming the Racketlon World Championships. The website is the official streaming portal of the DOSB (German Olympic Committee). It is home to a huge variety of sports from badminton, table tennis, handball and basketball, to more niche sports like fistball, quidditch and ultimate frisbee.

DOSB’s content and partner manager Fabian Muller says, “Our goal is to be the home for all sports that don’t get any TV-time and to support “new” sports. So, the World Championships fits perfectly, especially as our portfolio already contains a lot of table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis.”

Further information will be provided about the streaming available on sportdeutschland.TV closer to the start of the Racketlon World Championships.

More information about sponsors VICTOR, Butterfly, sportdeutschland.TV and ESG.

VICTOR is available to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Butterfly is available to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sportdeutschland.TV is available to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The FIR is extremely proud to be working with all our sponsors who are helping to bring you an incredible Racketlon World Team and Singles Championships.

The Racketlon World Singles Championships are available to enter here until 11:59amCET on Monday, 28th October.

More information about the Racketlon World Team and Singles Championships is available here.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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