17th Racketlon World Team Championships Entry Open

Entry is now open for the World Team Championships. The tournament is taking place in Leipzig, Germany from the 20th-24th November.

The World Team Championships are being contested alongside the World Singles Championships for the biggest week in the racketlon calendar.

There are ten categories open for entry; three Open categories, three juniors categories and four seniors categories.

Open team competition is now split into three separate competitions: FIR World Cup, FIR Nations Cup and FIR Challenger Cup. So all the teams in those competitions will be competing for these three cups.

All Open teams need to be entered by 20th October and all Junior and Senior teams entered by 4th November.

More information about the World Team and Singles Championships including venue, travel and accommodation is available here.

World Team Championships Open Categories

All Open Teams, with details of all the players in their squads, must be submitted by October 20th 2019 – one month before the World Championships. Please submit teams into one of the three open team competitions you wish your teams to play in.

FIR World Cup – this will be for the eight strongest teams as decided by the FIR Delegate Team. No country’s 2nd teams may enter this competition.

FIR Nations Cup – This will be for the next level down of teams below those in the FIR World Cup.

FIR Challenge Cup – This is for the level below those in the FIR Nations Cup and mainly aimed at emerging, new nations and different countries 2nd, 3rd or 4th teams depending on level.

World Team Championships Juniors and Seniors Categories

There are three junior categories and four seniors categories available for entry.

The junior categories available for entry are U13, U16 and U21. The Seniors categories open for entry are 40+, 45+, 55+ and 65+.

For all age group teams (juniors and teams) please submit your teams, with details of all the players in their squads, by November 4th 2019.

17th FIR World Championships, National Teams Schedule

Competition for the Team World Championships will take place across all five days. Matches each day begin at 08:00 (earliest possible_ and end at 22:00 in the evening.

Open Categories

  • FIR World Cup: Thurs (AM) – Friday (Night)
  • FIR Nations Cup: Thurs (AM) – Friday (Night)
  • FIR Challenge Cup: Thurs (AM) – Friday (Night)

Junior Categories

  • U13: Sat (AM) – Sunday (16:00)
  • U16: Sat (AM) – Sunday (16:00)
  • U21: Thurs (AM) – Sat (Night)

Seniors Categories

  • +40: Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
  • +45: Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
  • +55: Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)
  • +65: Wed (AM) – Friday (Night)

Team Fees and Payments

All team payments are required in advance by bank transfer before November 13th 2019 – one week before the World Championships.

  • All Open teams: 200 euros.
  • Seniors 40+ and 45+: 200 euros.
  • Seniors 55+: 160 euros.
  • Seniors 65+: 100 euros.
  • Juniors u21: 100 euros.
  • Juniors U16 and U13: 70 euros.

Please send all team payments to the following bank details using “Team” and your country’s initials as a payment reference. For example: “Team GB”, “Team SWE” or “Team AUT”. We also recommend sending an e-mail to duncan@dwsevents.com once you have made your team payment.

Bank Details for Team Payments

Account Holder – DWS Events

IBAN – DE40 7001 6050 8197 69




Elsenheimer Str. 41




Please make sure you register your teams online by the deadline given above and that you make your payments by November 13th. Chasing countries for online team entries and payments takes a lot of time making the successful organisation of the tournament much more difficult.

Who are the defending champions?

Austria is the reigning champion in the FIR World Cup after beating Great Britain in an epic final last year in Zurich. Great Britain II does hold the FIR Nations Cup though, with the Netherlands the reigning FIR Challenge Cup champion.

Great Britain also holds the Juniors U13 and U16 tiles while Austria is the defending champion in the U21.

The Seniors categories are split between four different nations. Switzerland holds the +40 title with Germany the +45 champions in 2018. The +55 title belongs to Great Britain while Denmark is the reigning +65 champion.

As with all FIR tournament, entry is open to players of all ages and abilities.

Entry to the World Team Championships is available here.

Entry to the World Singles Championships is available here.

More information about the World Singles Championships is available here.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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