Amke Fischer: “Motherhood Makes You More Relaxed”

Last weekend, Amke Fischer won the CH London Open, defeating Alison Waters in the Women’s A singles title.

Fischer also completed a Triple Crown, winning the Women’s Doubles with Zuzana Severinova and Mixed Doubles with Dan Busby.

For Fischer, this is the second title in a row after she also lifted the IWT German Open title earlier in the month.

We caught up with the in-form German star after her singles final at the Roehampton Club.

How pleased are you with your performance after winning the title?

Yeah, thank you. I’m super pleased. I think it was a tough match in the final and of course, Alison is the underdog, it’s her home venue although she doesn’t play so much racketlon yet. It will be coming later I guess.

It’s difficult to perform after the shock defeat of Zuzka. You don’t know what will come up in the final.

This was a slightly different challenge playing someone who doesn’t really have any racketlon experience, who’s coming in from a squash background. How do you cope with that mentally coming in as the favourite?

I just told myself, play every point as it comes. She’s a good player and when she plays well she makes points. Especially in table tennis and badminton, I felt quite under pressure but yeah it doesn’t make sense to get too worried about it. Just play your game and have your tactics ready and just take it as it comes.

And we saw you hobbling a little bit in the tennis. How is the leg?

I actually pulled the calf so it’s really painful. I have to take a break for ten or 14 days and then hopefully can practice again as normal.

That’s now two tournaments for you in a row that you’ve won and you’re unbeaten streak in singles and doubles extends to 13 matches. You’re in good form at the moment. How are you feeling in general about your game?

Quite good. I think motherhood makes you more relaxed. I’m not so nervous anymore knowing that there are more important things in life. Although I practice of course much less, I have less sleep. I’m really happy.

Amke Fischer
Amke Fischer in the final against Alison Waters (Image: James Pope)

And what does it mean to have your baby here supporting at all the tournaments?

I’m really happy that my mama is here. She’s a really great help and they both get along very well so I don’t have to think about it. It’s very good.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I’m playing Malta, so I hope that I will be back in shape for that one in September. Then it’s the World Championships and Paris of course for the Champions League not to forget the Berlin Boasters. Getting everything lined up to defend the title.

We have a great team there so after Paris it’s pretty soon the World Championships so that’s the programme for the year, I think. That’s plenty enough so some exciting matches coming up.

The report from the CH London Open Women’s A final is available here.

You can rewatch the final on the FIR Facebook page.

Sam Barker / FIR Media Officer

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