Lukas Windischberger Ends Racketlon Singles Career

Lukas Windischberger

The No.1 of the Racketlon Individual World Ranking Lukas Windischberger ends his single career at the end of June 2019. The 27-year-old from Großengersdorf, 2018 runner-up in the elite singles competition of the World Championships, will now only play team and doubles events in the four racket sport of table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis.

Windischberger and Seehofer receive the “Big Sports Prize of Vienna” renumerated with 7.400 Euro in cash

On Friday 28th of June Lukas Windischberger (C&C Racketlon Union) received the “Big Sports Price of Vienna” for his Mixed World Championship title 2018 together with Christine Seehofer in the mayors house of Vienna. The prize, which was renumerated with 7.400 Euro in cash, was handed over by the president of the Austrian Sports Association (BSO) Rudolf Hundstorfer. Christine (Racketpoint Vienna) received the same amount for the second successive year from the city of Vienna, as both players play for clubs from Vienna.

“It is a great honour for both of us to receive such a price in such a setting”, say Windischberger and Seehofer. “And it is a motivation for myself to continue playing Racketlon in doubles and teams” promises Windischberger. Vienna is currently the only county in Austria were Racketlon is officially recognised.

“I sincerely hope this rises the understanding in international Racketlon of why the issue of recognition is so important”, says RFA-President Marcel Weigl. The Racketlon Federation Austria is about to become ordinary member of the Austrian Sports Federation BSO at the end of this year.

Profession and elite sports incompatible

Windischberger took a full-time position in controlling in September 2018 after finishing his studies. Now the training effort was too big. “Playing Racketlon at the highest level requires at least 20 hours of training per week. The burden of training and profession has always challenged me in recent months. To set new goals after many successes was not easy mentally, so I decided to officially end my singles career at the peak. As No. 1 of the World.”

Champions League and Team Championships

Windischberger in addition to his training sessions in all four racketlon sports, also participated in the squash and badminton Bundesliga, as well as the tennis Landesliga. He still wants to be part of Racketlon: “The love for this highly complex sport is unbroken! I will therefore support my club C & C Racketlon Union in the FIR Champions League and will also be available for the Austrian National Team for the Team World Championships this autumn. Maybe I’ll compete in doubles at one or another big event. “From a sporting point of view, Windischberger will focus on squash, where he is already team member of the Austrian national team. For the Racketlon Federation Austria, the 27-year-old will continue to serve as Racketlon ambassador.

Career highlights from Windischberger

The list of Lukas Windischberger’s achievements in Racketlon is long: 22 months (since September 2017), he led the Racketlon singles world rankings, during this time he was also ahead in the men’s doubles and mixed doubles rankings at times. He won 12 international singles- and 27 double-tournaments. He also won 12 medals at World and European Championships (5 gold, 5 silver, 2 bronze). At the 2018 World Championships in Schlieren (SUI) Windischberger won silver in the elite single competition. In 2017, he won the elite individual title at the SWT King of Rackets (highest tournament category after World Cup and European Championship) in Oudenaarde (BEL). The victory in the 2018 Team Championships is also one of the career highlights of the Babolat contract player, as the Mixed World Championship title 2018 aside of Christine Seehofer and the victory in the European Championships on home soil in the men’s doubles competition with Michi Dickert 2017 ,

“BSO admission helps the next generation”

“The single-resignation of an exceptional athlete like Lukas Windischberger makes me sad, of course. The RFA and the international racketlon sport lose a figurehead. Professional sports and profession are difficult to combine. Here we want to help. With the soon-to-be-approved BSO admission of the Racketlon Federation Austria, we want to help the next generation and help more athletes to join the international Racketlon elite by filling in positions at the Austrian Armed Forces and the police”, said RFA President Marcel Weigl. Weigl continues, “Nevertheless, I am glad that Lukas will continue to serve as a role model and support the national team in the mission to defend the World Championship title 2019 as an active team player!”

Peter Robic / RFA

Image Credit / Racketlon Federation of Austria

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