Come & Play Champions League 2019 – Open to Everyone!

Racketlon’s most exciting team competition returns again in 2019 visiting both Nussloch, Germany in August and then Paris in October.

Have you ever dreamt of being signed up an illustrious Champions League team? Now’s your chance!

Register for Champions League 2019 and your dreams could come true! You could soon be playing for the Berlin Boasters, the Amsterdam Warriors, iPro London or any of the other fantastic Champions League teams.

Anyone Can Play Champions League! Here’s How It Works…

Champions League is open to all players from all countries. Registration to play in the Champions League is now open and players have until Friday 14th June to register and put themselves into the Champions League Player’s Pool. Players can choose to only play in Germany or only in Paris or they can choose to play in both.

The victorious Berlin Boasters 2 took the 2nd Division Champions League title in 2018

After the registration closes, there will then be a Live Draft, broadcast on Facebook Live, where the captains of all the teams in Division 1 will pick and sign up players from the Player’s Pool for their squads. After the Division 1 captains have made their choices, the captains of the Division 2 teams will then make their player choices.

Division 1 teams are usually for Men & Women Elite + higher B standard players with Division 2 for mid/lower Men’s B, Women’s B, and Men’s C/D players.

These are the Champions League teams and captains that are waiting to sign you up in the Live Draft at the end of June!

Division 1

Berlin Berghain Boasters             Captain: Amke Fischer

iPro London                                   Captain: Duncan Stahl

Swedish Vikings                            Captain: Anna-Klara Ahlmer

Three Percent Malta Magic        Captain: Kresten Hougaard

Racketlonshop Austria                Captain: Lukas Windischberger

Sportyfriends Copenhagen         Captain: Morten Jaksland

Division 2

King of Rackets Oudenaarde      Captain: Hans Van Daele

iPro London 2                                 Captain: Jonny Bispham

Berlin Berghain Boasters 2          Captain: Maxi Karg

Amsterdam Warriors                   Captain: Koen Hageraats

With more Division 2 teams to be announced soon….

Any player, from any country, can be signed up by any of the above teams, so you will get to play in the same team as players from all over the world – this great team spirit is one of the things that players have enjoyed most about playing in the Champions League over the last 2 years.

It’s also a great match format, with players able to play singles and doubles (including mixed) within the same match, so it involves lots of matches between teams that are very equal in strength, leading to a lot of close matches – both Division 1 and 2 titles all came down to the very last match of the competition last year!

Please register now if you would like to play Champions League in 2019 – go to “Champions League, Player Registration” which you will find in the list of tournaments on Tournament Software: REGISTER HERE

…when you register you can say if you are available for either Nussloch, Germany or in Paris or for both. Players who are available for both are the most valuable to the captains!

Here’s what a few different people have said about playing in the Champions League:

“It was great fun looking at all the other team line-ups and trying to work out the best tactics for how our London team should line up! Winning with a team is always more fun than just winning on your own.”Christian Wiessner (Germany)

“Racketlon can be at time a lonely, mental battle as every point counts. Therefore when you have your team mates on the sidelines, cheering you on, there is a great joy in no longer being on your own.  That and the sight of your team captain, suffering from cramp being sat on by the team lady/physio, also brings a lot of enjoyment! ” James Pope (Great Britain)

“My son still can’t believe his Dad played in the Champions League! “Christian Wall (Sweden)

“I really enjoyed the mix of different players from lots of different countries all coming together to form one very motivated team as well as the excitement of working out the best line up and strategy for each encounter – and the live draft is also so much fun! ” Amke Fischer (Germany)

“I loved being and playing as part of a team! Also only playing to 11 made it more exciting and intense.” Lindsey Johnson-Farge (Great Britain)

Berlin Boasters 1st and 2nd teams took both titles in 2018!

“I loved playing Champions League for my Copenhagen team and really look forward to playing again this year. It’s amazing to play with team-mates which don’t necessarily have the same strengths and weaknesses as you. I mean, it’s already stressful when you are alone on court, so it’s so much better when you have the support of your whole team! ” Arnaud Genin (France)

“I love team Racketlon when I’m playing for GB, but CL made it even more special playing in a team of different nationalities and ages. The team spirit was amazing and I felt it across all the CL teams. Fantastic event to be a part of that I would highly recommend! ” Jo Shelley (Great Britain)


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