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As part of our wider social media campaign to raise the awareness of Racketlon, the FIR are creating a brand new team who will be contributing lots of different types of content: racket sports articles, videos, blogs, pics, player interviews, polls, surveys etc.

So far the team will consist of Anna-Klara Ahlmer, Sam Barker, James Pope, Inge Omey, Robert Wilde and Cedric Junillon…but any others interested in joining the team would be very welcome!

The team will concentrate on the existing FIR Facebook and Instagram channels, contributing whatever they are able to, whenever they can, with the aim to provide a variety of interesting content:

  • detailed, live reporting from a selection of tournaments throughout the season for the existing Racketlon community to enjoy.
  • but most importantly, articles, interviews, pics and videos that are aimed to spread the awareness of Racketlon to those racket sports fans who have not yet discovered what an amazing and enjoyable sport Racketlon is.

If you think you would enjoy being part of this team – helping to provide content only when you are able to – then please send a mail to:

It will put you right at the heart of Racketlon’s most ambitious ever plans to grow the sport!

Duncan Stahl / FIR Executive President

Pic by Michele Doying

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