Paris, Latvia & German Opens are up next!

Now that entries are complete for King of Rackets 2019 (live draws to be done at 10pm on Thurs 24th May), there are now 3 more World Tour events left before the World Championships in Zurich.

Belle Paris

First up is a brand new Challenger tournament on the World Tour: the CHA Paris Open (29th June – 1st July) – we expect a big entry as players take the opportunity for a summer trip to the French capital to take in the sights and sounds of Paris whilst they compete to become the first ever winner of the Paris Open! We’re very excited about having Paris on the World Tour and hope to add more great cities to the Tour in 2019.

Player’s Favourite

Next up is the IWT Latvian Open from Riga from 13th – 15th July which is now established as one of the player’s favourite tournaments with fantastic playing conditions, a great organising team and a memorable player’s party! Last year’s elite winners were Michi Dickert and Amke Fischer – who will triumph in Riga this year?

Strongest Player Line Up of the Year So Far

The Racketlon community will then return to Nussloch for one of the established highlights of the Tour: IWT German Open (3rd – 5th August), which will also see the conclusion of this year’s Champions League. With nearly all the Champions League teams strengthening their squads for the last 4 matches, there are going to be some very close, high quality matches on display. It also means that the German Open that follows will probably have the strongest field of players of any tournament so far this year – on the Men’s side, 8 or 9 of the world’s top 11 players will all be there along with several other players capable of causing upsets – meaning it could be the toughest World Tour title to win in 2019.

All entry details about the Paris, Latvia and German Opens can be found on the Tournaments Page

Please be sure to get your entries registered on Tournament Software EARLY! If you intend to play a tournament, have your travel booked etc, then it’s a huge help to all our Tournament Directors if you can also enter early as it allows them to plan ahead so much more effectively which simply results in much better tournaments for everyone.

Our Tournament Directors need as much support as possible  entering early really makes a big difference and is a great way for the playing community to help!

Duncan Stahl / FIR General Secretary


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