EUR 10 surcharge for tournament registration in last month

Don’t forget about the new rule allowing the Tournament Director to charge players an additional EUR 10 if their first registration was within the last 4 weeks before close of registration. As we already reported on 17th October, the objective of this new rule is to improve the visibility of players participating in the tournament, not as an additional source of revenue for Tournament Directors (though this may well be a by-product).

Given the timing of this new rule, Vienna Classics has generously allowed this deadline to be extended from Monday 27. November to Monday 11th December. If you were thinking of playing Vienna Classics next month, right now would be an excellent time to go online and register, to make sure you don’t have an unpleasant surprise at the tournament desk on arrival.

As for the following tournaments, please don’t expect this extension to be granted again, as the new Regulations should be published in January for all to see. Why wait? Just register!

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