Champions League is back for 2018: even bigger and even better!

After the huge success of the brand new Champions League in 2017, the most exciting team format in Racketlon is back! It is also being expanded to 2 divisions for 2018 – so players of all abilities from all countries now have the chance of being selected to represent one of the worldwide team franchises!

The Champions League 1st Division will once again involve all the Elite players on the World Tour, down to mid-level B players. The 2nd Division is aimed at C players up to mid-level B players.

Sweden & Germany for Champions League 2018

The Champions League will take place on 23rd February (as part of the Swedish Open in Malmo) and on 3rd August (as part of the German Open in Nussloch).

All players who wish to sign up to play in Champions League 2018 – in either the 1st or 2nd Divison – can do so via Tournament Software. On registration players can choose to play only in Sweden or only in Germany or in both. But they must sign up before 15th January.

Then after the entry deadline, all the Team captains will once again take part in a Live Draft, when they will select their team from the list of players who have registered via Tournament Software.

The Captains from the eight 1st Division teams are being allowed to keep a maximum of 2 players from their 2017 squads – the rest of their team players will go back into the Draft.

The brand new 2nd Division teams will select their whole squads from the Draft in January.

Any player from any country can be selected to play for any team!


A Unique Racketlon Experience for the Players

The Champions League was a fantastic experience for all the players involved in 2017: the team captains found sponsors, produced team shirts, talked tactics, fought hard for each other, took part in the Live Draw which was broadcast live on Facebook so that everyone could see which team they had been chosen for…but by far the main piece of positive feedback was how much everyone had enjoyed playing in Teams and becoming close team-mates with different players from all over the world.

This mix of players, the unique team spirits that were developed and how evenly matched all the teams were, creating very close, exciting matches throughout the competition is what the new Champions League is all about.

With the 2 Divisions for 2018, this Champions League experience is now open to everyone!

Teams for 1st Division:

iPro London (capt. Duncan Stahl)
KOR Oudenaarde (capt. Lieselot De Bleeckere)
Swiss Army Knives (capt. Benni Hampl)
Three Percent Malta Magic (capt. Kresten Hougaard)
Klosterneuburg Racketlonshop Austria (capt. Lukas Windischberger)
Berlin Berghain Boasters (capt. Amke Fischer)
Copenhagen (Morten Jaksland)
Swedish Vikings (capt. Anna-Klara Ahlmer)


Teams for 2nd Division (more to be confirmed soon!)

iPro London 2 (capt. Johnny Bispham)
KOR Oudenaarde 2 (capt. Hans Van Daele)
Malta Magic 2 (capt. Michael Skytte Pedersen)
Berlin Berghain Boasters 2 (capt. Jenny Schmitz)


All players who want to go into the Draft for Champions League 2018 (to play in Sweden or in Germany or in both)…PLEASE SIGN UP NOW on
Duncan Stahl

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