+++ Euro-News +++ We are proud of 500 entries

The overall entries at the Racketlon European Championships exceeded all expectations. Sensational 350 players from 18 nations are responsible for 500 entries! We bow and say thank you!

In the last few days before the entry deadline, the number of entries has increased again. 188 players will compete in the elite and amateur competitions in Vienna, with a total of 260 entries for singles and doubles. 173 players have now entered for Wr. Neudorf, with 240 entries for singles and doubles. If you still want to enter you can be added to the alternate list in case of cancelations, just e-mail to krenn@racketlon.at

The figures for the team competitions are also pleasing: A total of 54 teams, including 14 junior teams, will compete for medals.


Entry deadline for the Split European Championships: 20 August!

If you haven’t joined the EC yet, maybe a Racketlon-Split is an option for you: These are tournaments were only two or three of the four Racketlon disciplines are played. The SPLIT-EC will be held as a one day event and it will take place on Tuesday 29 August in Vienna. It is not an official FIR event, but only an Amateur Championship hosted by the Racketlon Federation Austria! That’s why you have to register at the RFA-tournamentsoftware website to participate. There will be no license fee for the tournamentsoftware registration, only the regular entry fee of €30,-. Enter one of the events now: 1. TT-BA-SQ, 2. TT-SQ-TE, 3. TT-BA-TE, 4. BA-SQ-TE.


Accredit now!

We would like to point out one more time that all players must accredit themselves for the event. The majority have already done this! For all others, we extend the deadline again: We ask all those who are not yet accredited to fill out the online-form and to upload a photo by 23 August, 12 noon. Please note: For on-site accrediation, a service fee will be required.
Christoph Krenn

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