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In Austria Racketlon-Split tournaments were introduced about two years ago. These are tournaments were only two or three of the four Racketlon disciplines are played. This way Racketlon can be played at more venues and it’s easier to activate new players! Newcomers do not need to play all the four disciplines from the beginning. “As soon as new players are motivated for Racketlon the missing sports can still be added later. We want to lower the inhibitions to try Racketlon”, says the inventor of the Racketlon-Split  Marcel Weigl.

1. European Championships Racketlon-Split

We want to spread this idea. That’s why, for the first time in Racketlon history, we will host the European Amateur Championships in Racketlon-Split in all possible three-discipline combinations. Drop your weakest sport and can become an European Amateur Champion!
The one day event will take place on Tuesday August 29 in Vienna. It is not an official FIR event, but only an Amateur Championship hosted by the Racketlon Federation Austria! That’s why you have to register at the RFA-tournamentsoftware website to participate. There will be no license fee for the tournamentsoftware registration, only the regular entry fee of €30,-

Register now for the European Championships!

Enter one of the events now: 1. TT-BA-SQ, 2. TT-SQ-TE, 3. TT-BA-TE, 4. BA-SQ-TE. Only 16 men and 8 women can participate at each Racketlon-Split! The first 14 men in each event and the first 7 women are guaranteed a start place. 2 men and 1 woman will receive a wildcard. The Austrian National Champions in Racketlon-Split will be guaranteed to get Wildcards for the European Championships!

Austrian National Championships Racketlon-Split

On Tuesday 8 July in Vienna, Kitzbühel and Graz the 1. Austrian National Championships Racketlon-Split will be held. Again, one of the four Racketlon disciplines is left out. The National Champions will receive a Wildcard for the 1. European Championships Racketlon-Split, which will be held as a side-event at the 2. FIR European Racketlon Championships, like described earlier.

Register now for the Austrian National Championships!

On 8 July the Austrian National Championships for all possible combinations with three disciplines will take place in different locations. Chose one of the combinations and become Austrian National Champion in Racketlon-Split:

  1. TT-BA-SQ in Vienna
  2. TT-SQ-TE in Graz
  3. TT-BA-TE in Kitzbühel
  4. BA-SQ-TE in Vienna

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