Racketlon German Open 2017 are getting closer

The Racketlon German Open will be held in Nussloch for the 8th time from July 28th to 30th. This year it will be even more exiting than the years before, as we will be hosting the second and final round of the New Champions League (See actual table below). The winner of that Champions league will be celebrated on Saturday evening during our Players Party, which will include Barbecue and of course a traditional Beer Pong Tournament. For those players who are not playing for a Champions League team of course double and mixed catgories are open. Enter now on fir.tournamentsoftware.com

Preparations are in full flow and our team is already excited and is looking forward to the event. Of course we hope to meet all of you during this event… so don’t hesitate to register!

Registration is open till Monday July 17 (12am)!

You can find more information on our website www.racketlon-nussloch.de


Verena Waigel
Organiser team

2 points for a win.
1 bonus point for winning a match by 40 points or more
1 losing bonus point for losing a match by 20 points or less
Position in the table is decided on Total Points first, followed by Points Difference


  Team Matches Played Wins Points Difference TOTAL POINTS
1. iPro London 3 2 +107 7
2. Technifibre Copenhagen 3 2 +41 6
3. King of Rackets 3 2 -2 5
4. Swiss Army Knives 3 1 +12 4
5. Berlin Berghain Boasters 3 2 +4 4
6. Three Percent Malta Magic 3 2 -34 4
7. Klosterneuburg Austria 3 1 -14 3
8. Helsinki Hawks 3 0 -114 1

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